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We would love to keep you updated about events and happenings at Canine Behavior Counseling.
There are many ways to get behavior from an animal, for example you can hold your dog down when he jumps up on you, this may work for you, but the negative is that your dog may start barking more when guest arrive.
As President of Canine Behavior Counseling I am dedicated to helping dog owners with new puppies or those with problem dogs.
Thank you for visiting my dog training site, if you are interested in learning how to modify your dogs behavior or understanding why your dog’s behavior has changed contact Judy Moore!

Watch our videos where you can find information on Basics like learning how to sit, teach a down, teach a target to Beyond the Basics behaviors such as teaching a release cue, teaching a leave it or Shaping Behaviors Using a Clicker.
Clark’s methods teach dogs good behavior without fear or force and facilitate the devoted, loving companionship every dog owner desires. It is important for dog owners to understand their dogs emotional needs as behaviors are a response to how the dog feels. Clark offers a variety of programs to help dog owners understand the dog’s mind and behavior, train with positive methods, and solve or channel problem behavior into good manners.

Clark has a PhD in Psychology specializing in canine behavior from Colorado State University.

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