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We have discussed potty training basics in a past article, but for some pups it takes a bit longer to fully adopt the habit. By now hopefully your pup has gotten used to the idea of spending time in his crate and is well on his way to housetraining bliss. If your pup is still struggling with housetraining and is having repeated accidents, don’t worry or beat yourself up. This will be the pups first extended period away from her mother, brothers and sisters so the bond she makes with her new family at this time is crucial. Make sure to take it slow at the start and build up to more advanced training commands as your puppy gets older. Just kidding… but seriously training a puppy is a difficult and oftentimes frustrating process.

Remember, the training foundations you instill now are going to carry with your pup throughout his life. Regular occurrences may terrify her and it is important to be sensitive to the puppies needs and remove her from any potentially scary, dangerous and loud situations. Always use positive reinforcement and try to choose a reward that will keep your puppy motivated. The most effective way to instill long lasting obedience training in your little fluff ball is by employing positive reinforcement puppy training methods. Anyway thats a discussion for another article… Now that the treats are chosen and ready, let’s train your energetic bundle of joy to sit.

Puppies react differently to different rewards, most puppies are highly motivated by food, so use the delicious treats provided in your PupBox each month. If you’re pup doesn’t seems to respond to treats, try something different until you find the one thing your pup can’t live without.

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