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Wheatgrass is good for pets because it affects their bodies in the same way that it affects the human body. That also means that wheatgrass can be used to treat many health problems in pets and to improve their overall health. Another way to get a cat to eat wheatgrass is to sit your wheatgrass plants out where the cat can get them.
Generally all you will have to do is sit raw wheatgrass where the cat can get it and he or she will eat it. Indoor cats often suffer digestive problems because they cannot get fresh grass; wheatgrass can be a solution. Our Mission, Vision and ValuesLearn about the Wheatgrass Organics mission, vision and values that drive us to produce the highest quality wheatgrass.

Dogs and cats are mammals just like human beings and their digestive and other systems operate in much the same way. By increasing blood flow, wheatgrass can speed up the healing of cuts and injury and recovery from surgery, illness and infection.
Wheatgrass reduces the risks of some kinds of cancer in cats and other pets including pancreatic cancer. If you see a cat spitting up a lot of fur balls, that is a sign of poor digestion which can be treated by wheatgrass. If a pet becomes listless or tired all the time and limits movement, this can be a sign of health problems including vitamin deficiencies.
Cats love raw wheatgrass so all you often have to do is to put it in their bowl or sit it out where they can get it.

Pets will be more likely to eat fresh or flash frozen wheatgrass juice and they will get more benefits from it because of the active enzymes. Both cats and dogs can develop diarrhea, food allergies, yeast infections, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and many other problems of the digestive system. Something else to remember is that it might take a while for the pet to discover the wheatgrass.
If the dog shows no interest in the grass, pour in some beef broth or the blood from a piece of meat.

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