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We are very dedicated to producing healthy and beautiful dogs that will make excellent family companions. In 1977 Peter Mani­ate and his late wife, Maribeth, star­ted breed­ing Canada’s giant nat­ive dog at their first home on Han­ni­bal Road in Bur­l­ing­ton, Ontario. The traditional Newfoundland colour is black and he may have white markings on his chest, toes and tip of the tail.
If you are considering the adoption of a puppy of any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. In addition to the Breeders listed here, the Breed Clubs generally include listings of member Breeders on their web sites and, if not, then a listing can usually be obtained either by e-mail or telephone. CLICK HERE to see available advertising options including a FREE text link to Breeders' websites.
Sub­sequently the breed­ing oper­a­tion was moved to Mis­sissauga in 1980, to Little Bri­tain in 1989 and finally to Lind­say, Ontario in 2005.

To pro­duce sound, long liv­ing dogs, free of major genetic faults, that are cap­able of per­form­ing the tra­di­tional work of the breed as draft dogs, water res­cue dogs and as com­pan­ions and pro­tect­ors of chil­dren. While it is our goal on this website to only include listings of responsible and ethical breeders of purebred dogs, and there is certain criteria that must be met in order to be listed, we can only rely on the honesty of those submitting the request. Each individual breed section on the Canada's Guide to Dogs web site includes listings of Rescue Organizations specific to the breed. Peter also wrote two fea­ture art­icles for Dogs in Canada magazine along with a reg­u­lar column on New­found­land dogs from 1996 to the final issue of the magazine in Decem­ber, 2011. Freeman chosen as the model for a 1988 Canada commemorative postage stamp honouring the Newfoundland breed.
In 2008, two of their dogs had the honour of being on the list of longest lived Newfoundland dogs from all over North America, as recognized by the Newfoundland Dog Club of America. All Breeders listed have requested to be included either via a general link or paid advertising.

In addition, Breeders occasionally have young adults available and many also take in rescued dogs.
The column on New­found­land dogs entitled Breed­lines is cur­rently being pub­lished in the Newf News.
If you are looking to purchase a puppy, it is your responsibility to do your research in learning what to look for in a breeder. In addition, Belle was the sixth oldest nominee for the Newfoundland Club of America’s Oldest Living Newfoundland award for 2011 and the only Canadian Newf so honoured. Because of their calm and friendly demeanour, they are also good candidates to work as Therapy and Assistance dogs.

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