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TweetA protest in Italy against Green Hill, a breeding facility for dogs used in animal experimentation, spontaneously turned into a daylight rescue when dozens of activists rescued more than 40 dogs who would have been used in testing. Police stopped a few cars leaving the village, and captured a few activists and dogs, but others escaped according to Animal Equality.
News of the protest and rescue has quickly circulated around the world and inspired grassroots activists. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island and have an interest in Newfoundland dogs, we have information for you! The following is an interview with Tegan Whalan, a border terrier breeder and rescue volunteer who maintains the blog Some Thoughts About Dogs. This particular discourse began when an unsuspecting, well-intentioned future pet owner inquired about what kind of dog they should get.
Dog breeders and dog owners should be paying very close attention right now, because what is happening here is that we are losing the one battle that we cannot afford to lose. Every single time I get into one of these conversations, somebody has to accuse me of being a breeder. The three worst myths of this Culture of Rescue are; 1)we can save them all, 2)all they need is love, and 3)the life of any animal has more value than any human. This article left me breathless, as I prepare to breed a wonderful dog that is sound in body, mind and spirit, with many titles and much to offer to her breed. I agree that a Dog Breeder should be proud of thier dogs and the job that they do raising dogs.
Tara Hansen, good for you noticing and reporting on the very good work the Amish do raising dogs (and other animals).
As for shelters who breed doodles or other dogs to make money, duh, of course they should lose their 501 status. Keep up your good defense of people who manage dogs well, regardless of whether they breed or rescue or both. It would be good if both camps worked on improving their own behavior and what that means for dogs, instead of fighting each other.
Apparently you are unaware that it is possible to maintain an intact dog without allowing it to reproduce. 2) Commercial breeders and accidental owners with no animal husbandry knowledge on the other hand have a bottom line requiring profit and as such are pumping out quantity with ZERO responsibility for what they produce once it leaves their facility. 3) Shelters who import dogs from out of state, or off shore, or worse yet breed themselves for re-sale, while denigrating “Breeders” are despicable hypocritical business models and do not deserve any recognition as they are working for profit and or ulterior motives!
On April 24th,1997, World Day for Laboratory Animals, protest organizers ar-rived at Consort Beagle Breeders near Hereford in England.
Police in riot gear kept most at bay, but somehow a few activists slipped inside the dog sheds. The Newfoundland Club of New England offers many fun and educational events, a breeders list if you're looking for a puppy, a rescue and referral section for adoptions, lots of photos and so much more!

I responded pretty quickly that the person should specify what they are looking for in a dog (size, coat type, energy level, and trainability are all very important factors to take into consideration).
While we were all fighting over how many health tests and titles a dog should have before a breeder lets it reproduce, the breeder haters have been busy recruiting.
If we want to truly tackle the problem of the number of dogs being euthanized in shelters, we need to start with the owners of these dogs. My mom volunteered for a no kill shelter which is very admirable but they just weren’t moving dogs.
The first two were from breeders and our current Akita is from the shelter my mom worked with so I see both sides of the coin. Back in the 70s, dog breeders were looked up to, known as knowledgeable and dedicated experts. I would add this to it: breeders are NOT taking homes away from shelter dogs because frankly, breeders and shelters are two different sources for pets that typically serve two totally different markets. If all breeders of high quality purebred dogs who do the health checks on their breeding stock and who offer genetic health guarantees to the buyer. I have done over 20 years of rescue and have counseled people how to find the right dog OR the right breeder. I am sure there are bad in both sides… but i do believe that many of the rescues and shelters are often all to happy to buy dogs from auctions or to buy dogs from other sorcues.
The way the kennel clubs are breeding dogs is creating huge problems for the dogs themselves.
Those individuals dedicated to a particular breed generally have contracts and take back any puppy they raise if & when needed, no questions asked for the duration of the animals life so NEVER NEVER contribute to the shelter problem !!! Both they and the pet shops they supply with live animals do virtually no screening of buyers as appropriate homes creating the vast majority of dogs ultimately being surrendered to shelters or abandoned and ending in shelters.
They had campaigned for a year to close the breeder, which housed abouteight hundred dogs—beagles sought for invasive experiments be-cause of their small size, docile temperament and loving nature.
I carefully weighed the pros and cons of where they could get a dog- breeder, shelter, rescue, pet store, rehome- but made sure to stress that it was essentially that they should choose a dog to fit their lifestyle, regardless of where it comes from. Stop making a big deal over people who produce mixed breeds or dogs outside the breed standard.
I started this page because I am passionate about preserving the art and knowledge that comes with producing dogs of exceptional mental and physical soundness.
Whenever a person would come in to look to adopt a dog it was as if the shelter didn’t want to let go of the dog. Breeding is important to keep beloved breeds in existence and rescues are important to find any dog from a lovable mutt to a purebred Akita a good home. Today the % of dogs dying for lack of a home is down to 2% – 5%, depending on a few statistical details. Nowadays it’s the saddest story wins, dog breeders are greedy SOBs, and doing research and choosing a pet for its appropriateness is frowned upon.

I think people have somehow become dis-associated with animal handling and behavior, so some very nice dogs end up with serious behavioral issues that land them in shelters or pounds.
Others because they want a single puppy so as to have something left of the mother dog when she dies of old age. Secondary to allowing for rehoming all they produce most breed very seldom, only often enough to retain the bloodline they prefer. The distinct advantage a puppy has, when raised by a responsible breeder, is the training and handling they get before placement.
Sometimes dog owners face the incredibly difficult decision of giving up their dog for financial reasons, or because they have to acknowledge that they cannot handle the dog any more. We need to scream from the rooftops that all of us who support dog breeding are the ones who really care.
Even breeders who do make a substantial profit (and good for them!) are putting significantly more into their venture than they are getting out of it.
It was a small, no kill shelter that could house MAYBE 15 dogs at a time and they were getting a dog adopted once a month, maybe less. The amish have made the effort to produce beautiful dogs that are a wonderful to see and visit,..
The AVMA is lately publishing articles stating that sterilizing your dog can lead to lots of health issues, thus discouraging people from spaying.
Any lumping of these with commercial breeders is an intentional lie perpetuated by the AR & Shelter INDUSTRY, with the intent of steering all consumers to themselves.
I wish the rescue religion would stop converting long enough to take a good long look at the people they think they hate, because I know we care about our dogs more most people will ever know. They are not trained (which would take time but would raise the number of dogs placed) and not taught manners. The shining stars in dog breeding and rescue are the breeders and rescuers who spend a considerable amount of time educating these potential owners about the different breeds and stressing that each breed has a different need.
Breeder haters are constantly accusing breeders of insulting rescue dogs, but the reality is that the opposite is happening. The reality, though, is that you cannot purchase a mixed breed puppy and know what it will grow into. For many buyers, this is no problem whatsoever, and those people typically seek a shelter dog when looking to purchase a pet.
For others, predictability may be critical to that dog fitting into their home, family and lifestyle.

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