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If you're thinking of adding to your family, Ireland enjoys quite an engaging diversity of breeds for you to choose from. Here's a list of Eire’s top-ten dog breeds.The Irish WolfhoundThis towering testament to the canine species would make a highly imposing guard dog, except for the fact that their good nature often makes them friendly to strangers, even those with ignoble intentions. However, Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Dogs says that this breed emerged in the 1700s in County Kerry.

Sizable excursions should take place at least once a day.If one is willing to put in a moderate amount of effort, it is very hard to go wrong with this breed.
Irish Terriers are certainly not dumb, but their innate thirst for action can make them an ordeal to train.
Supposedly the Irish Lurcher was bred to circumvent this rule.The Irish Toy Collie“Collie” was an old Celtic term for “useful dog,” and this particular breed’s lineage includes some very useful dogs, such as the Shetland Sheepdog, among other talented herders.

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