Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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We all know that Boxers love their people and will do anything they can to be near their families.
Before leaving the house, make sure your dog is thoroughly exhausted from exercise or play. Maureen MurphyPhiladelphia Boxer ExaminerSurrounded by Boxers her entire life, Maureen Murphy grew up in Philadelphia, PA. However, some Boxers cannot cope with being apart from their loved ones and suffer from separation anxiety. Even the most anxious of Boxers will have a better time dealing with your absence if they are worn out. Understand that giving your dog a pill isn’t going to solve these issues and that medication should always be combined with a behavior plan that teaches your Boxer how to deal with being left alone.

There’s no better time than now to add endless joy and companionship to your life than by adopting a Boxer in need! She has two Boxers - Duke, a flashy brindle and Cowboy, a deaf white Boxer she rescued from New Jersey Boxer Rescue.
If your Boxer is displaying signs of separation anxiety while you are home, consult your veterinarian because it’s likely a sign of some other issue. His anxiety may cause him to destroy things, poop or pee inside, bark incessantly, cry, panic, or pace. The medications you buy at the store won’t be as potent as an actual prescription, but they do help anxious dogs “take the edge off”. Boxers keep her days bright and energetic and she promotes Boxer adoption whenever she can.

Aside from taking a toll on your home, separation anxiety can also be hazardous to your dog's well being.
She is passionate about learning as much as she can about the Boxer breed and educating others on how to provide their dogs with the most optimal, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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