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The Border Terrier originated on the border of Scotland and England, but actually gets its name from the Border Hunt, a prominent breeder in the late 19th century. The Border is the smallest of the long-legged terriers, and was bred to run fast enough to keep up with horses or foxhounds yet be small enough to follow a fox into the ground. Because it was bred to run with hounds, the Border is amiable with other dogs, unlike some of the feistier terriers who hunt on their own. He may be confused with the Cairn Terrier, but the Cairn is shorter and stockier and has erect ears. Border Terriers have appeared in the films There’s Something About Mary, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Good Boy! Owney, the famous post office dog who traveled the world in the late 1800s, looks a lot like a Border Terrier, although he was probably a mixed breed. In 2012 Britain’s Country Life magazine sported a picture of a Border Terrier on its cover, proclaiming it as the near-perfect breed. No Border Terrier has yet won the Terrier Group (or Best in Show) at the Westminster dog show. I will not do this movie the injustice of spoilers, but it is an exciting adventure, with real edge-of-your-seat danger.
In the most famous Ernest movie, Ernest: Scared Stupid, Rimshot gets turned into a wooden figurine by Trantor the troll. I don’t know about the book but in the Disney movie Old Yeller gets rabies from wild hogs (pigs).

In the Disney movie, which I just rewatched two days ago, Old Yeller gets rabies from a wolf.
I think the movie Red Dog is the greatest of all dog movies, because it’s a real story about a real dog there’s even a statue made of him! Cute and scruffy, the Border Terrier has made its way from the fields and farms into the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.
The smallest of the long-legged terriers, the Border Terrier is calm and friendly around the house but is also curious, independent and loves to dig.
One of these reasons you see a lot of Border Terriers on TV and in the movies is because of its willingness to learn. The Border Terrier likes to chew, reducing even the toughest of toys to piles of fluff with no effort.
Thanks to the irresistible combination of lovable, affectionate, and easygoing, the Border Terrier fits into just about any family or living environment. On the more serious side, the Border Terrier can suffer from heart defects and canine epileptoid cramping syndrome (a disease that targets neurological and muscular systems and results in seizure like activity). The park or yard gives your Border Terrier ample opportunity and pace to get its much-needed exercise. As puppies, Border Terriers will start out active with a mellowness that develops with time and maturity. He may also be confused with the Lakeland, Welsh or Irish Terriers, but those are taller, have much longer heads and more coat, especially on the legs.

As you might expect, the Disnefied movie isn’t nearly as serious and dark as the book, although it has moments of real danger.
Boasting a high intellect and good disposition, the Border Terrier gets along with everyone, including other dogs and animals. An active breed, the Border Terrier likes to run, play fetch, and spend time with other dogs or its owners. This persistence made him an excellent working terrier back in England, and allows him to succeed in Earthdog, Obedience and Agility trials today. As well, the Border Terrier had to often catch its own food in order to survive, which made it even more tenacious. In fact, many people choose to get more than one Border Terrier so that they can entertain each other. But even if your dog suffers from these aliments, a Border Terrier will continue to live comfortably and happily.
But on the positive side, if a Border Terrier is given love and attention for performing a command correctly, it will do it again and again.

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