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Thank you for considering rescue first, and for opening your heart and home to a Border Collie in need. Due to the alarming number of Border Collies (especially mixed breed BCs) that we are currently seeing in the shelters, we have added this special notice. BCIN has added a resource to help you locate Border Collies (or BC mixes) in our local shelters should you not find just the right dog from the currently available dogs listed on our website.

After reading and becoming educated about Border Collies, some potential adopters are worried that a purebred Border Collie may not be right for them.
Please visit our shelter page to find a shelter near you, and if your dog is in need, please check out the "Foreclosure Pets" links in the left sidebar. While not everyone is suited for a purebred Border Collie, BCIN feels that many of the lovely positive traits that BCs exhibit should be enjoyed and experienced by all.

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