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Home of theAmanerican Bully blue pitbulls, we breed Extreme American bullies We specialize in Pocket, exotic,stand, and extreme American bully blue pitbulls and blue pitbull puppies, in the short blue pocket pits pit bulls, wide blue pit bull, we have Kurupt blood the extreme bully pitbulls and bully blue pit bulls also known the blue American Pit Bull Terrier. We also have other colors other than the blue pit bull like blue fawn pitbulls, blue brindle pitbulls, black pitbulls, champagne pitbulls, tri-color pitbulls and white pitbulls. Not only do we have Blue Pit Bulls puppies for sale but we have Big blue pit bull puppies for sale , Blue Gottiline pit bull puppies for sale, gotty puppies for sale, Razor Edge pit bull puppies for sale, Mikeland blue pitbull puppies for sale, Blue American pit bull terrier puppies for sale, Blue short, wide, bully pit bull puppies for sale.
Our blue nose pitbull puppies come from GOTTI LINES and Razors Edge , Thowing Knuckles pitbull bloodlines.
We strive to produce the best blue pit bull, big blue pit bulls that will produce the best blue pit bull puppys, big blue bully puppies big bully puppies, and big bully adults, and big blue pit bull puppies or big blue American pit bull puppy for sale.
We also strive to produce the biggest head on blue pit bull puppys, and the biggest chest on blue pitbulls, widest blue pit bull puppies for sale.

Southern Pride Pitbull, home of the blue pitbull, is one of the best pit bull and blue pit bull breeders in Florida, North America and the world. All are pitbulls or blue pit bulls or blue American pit bulls and blue pit bull puppies for sale are purple ribbon bred and UKC registered and some ABKC registered.
Our goal is to breed the biggest blue pit bulls and the biggest blue American pit bull terrier in the world and the biggest blue bully. Our blue tri color pocket pitbulls or blue pit bull, or American Bully, blue fawn pit bull puppies for sale american bully extreme CH Dew Drop and CH Grizz and pitbull puppies for sale and American pit bull terriers for sale all come with health certificate and guarantee. Meaning your pitbull puppies, blue pitbull puppies and blue American pit bull puppies for sale are the best pit bull puppies, blue pit bull puppies and blue American pitbull puppies will be in good health.
Our blue pit bulls and blue pit bull puppies for sale as blue American pit bulls have big heads, wide chest and are short pit bulls Pocket pit bull.

We have some of the best blue American pit bulls off of the Gotty or Gotti or Gottiline or Gottiline bloodline in the world. Also some of the best blue American pitbull puppies for sale off of the Razors Edge or Razors Edge, razors edge bloodline in the world.

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