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Tom Dokken's Puppy Training Video gives you everything you need to start training your duck dog.
Tom Dokken's Intermediate Gun Dog Video covers advanced work, including force-fetching, marking, and casting.
Tom Dokken's Advanced Gun Dog Video expands upon the material covered in his puppy and intermediate training videos to produce a finished retriever for both waterfowl and upland gamebird hunting. Sound Beginnings Retriever Training DVD with Jackie MertensJackie Mertens is one of the most successful amateur retriever trainers and breeders in North America. Emphasizing his "pressure on, pressure off" system, professional trainer and breeder Tom Dokken takes you through the fundamentals of choosing and starting a retriever puppy on the path to becoming a completely finished gun dog for both waterfowl and upland game bird hunting.All of the basic commands -- sit, down, come, heel, kennel, place and no -- plus preliminary retrieving and introduction to water work, live birds, decoys, boats and gunfire are covered. Professional trainer Tom Dokken demonstrates the step-by-step procedures used to produce a steady and reliable retriever for waterfowl and upland game birds.

Emphasizing positive reinforcement and control both on and off-leash, Tom utilizes "baseball," "wagon 4 wheel" and lining drills to prepare the dog for a day in the field or the marsh, then moves on to blind retrieves and dealing with such challenges as diving cripples. The entire force-fetch sequence is illustrated in detail, moving from the training table to the ground and ultimately to the water and the field. Training for controlled behavior in the blind, in boats, and around decoys is also included. Code: 1860Jackie Mertens is one of the most successful amateur retriever trainers and breeders in North America.
She won the National Amateur Championship with her NAFC FC Topbrass Cotton, who is also the all time high point Golden Retriever in field trial history.Breeding, training and campaigning retrievers are a way of life for Jackie. Her Topbrass kennel, established in 1968, consistently produces high quality performance labrador and golden retrievers.The video describes in detail a comprehensive and progressive training program for retriever puppies from 7 weeks to 8 months of age.

A lot of the books that we sell don't have any sort of videos that come along with them, and a lot of the videos we sell don't have a book.
It's a wonderful collection and I highly recommend it for your retriever and your upland flushing dog.
So if you are looking for a method that's going to be easy to work with and give you a dog that you are real happy with in the end, check it out: Tom Dokken Retriever Training.

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