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Golden Doodle (picture on right): This is a hybrid breed, a cross between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, and often possess the best traits of both breeds. King Charles Spaniel (picture below): Also called the Cavalier Terrier, this is a dog with a sweet temperament who love being lap dogs. Bichon Frise: This is a playful and affectionate breed that is very popular among seniors as a companion.
Australian Dog Names Perfect for the Aussie and non-Aussie Puppy Nov 24, 15 05:24 PMAustralian dog names, even if you don't have a made in Australia dog, can be perfect for that new puppy. Dogs can provide a tremendous amount of love and joy, and are a great way to overcome loneliness or boredom, which sometimes can affect people in their retirement.
You have to factor in if you will have the time and energy for a larger dog, or whether a small lap dog is more your speed.

They are very calm for a terrier breed, although a squirrel might disagree with that assessment.
They are an amazing breed for loyalty and companionship and will provide their owners with unlimited love. There are also a lot of rescue programs for retired racing dogs; they make for a truly wonderful pet and seeing even an older one run is a thing of beauty. If you can find an adult dog from a good rescue organization or shelter this is, in our opinion, the best dog option for a senior. There are so many different breeds that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which dog is best for you. They require a bit more exercise than the other dogs on the list, but nothing that a tennis ball and a park can’t rectify.

Click on the button below to start receiving Senior Directory right at your doorstep! These types of concerns explain in part the increased popularity of small dogs as baby boomers like me approach retirement age.
They require a moderate amount of exercise, and are very intellectually curious so they don’t do well being left for long stretches at home with no companionship.

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