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The first time I tried to feed our dog peanut butter, I had about a dozen little messes to clean up, and most of them were under our bed. I’ve outlined some info on why exactly dogs get upset stomachs, and I’ve provide a few recommendations for some dog foods you can try. Most of the time, it should be pretty obvious if something is aggravating your pup’s sensitive stomach.
If something’s bothering your dog’s stomach, odds are good that loose stools aren’t going to be the only symptom. If it seems like your dog’s body has all of a sudden opened its release valves, it may be time to adjust his or her diet. Of course, some dogs are just gassier than others (*cough* our dog*cough*), so it’s important to judge your pup’s current level of flatulence against his or her normal gas levels. If you think something’s bothering your dog’s tummy, the first thing you should do is cut all the extras out of her diet. If you’ve eliminated everything else from her diet, and she’s still exhibiting the symptoms above while eating only her regular food, take a good look at her regular food. Some big, commercial brands of dog food stuff their food with fillers and low-quality ingredients (which is totally unethical if you ask me). If you take a good, long look at your dog’s food label, and you find some stuff you don’t like, try a better food that’ll be easier on her digestive system (like those below), and gradually change her food over the course of about a week.
If you’ve tried to modify your dog’s diet, and it just doesn’t seem to help (or if her symptoms get worse), it’s probably time to visit the vet. When looking for a dog food that’s easy to digest, we’re looking for a couple of different things (which is what the following recommendations and reviews on based on). We also want to make sure the main ingredient is a good source of protein, and we want to avoid foods that contain excessive fat.
If you’re looking for a dog food that’ll be easy on your pup’s stomach, this is a good place to start. In general, Wellness makes good dog food anyway, so at the very least, you’ll know the ingredients are good. In addition to having just a few ingredients, this dog food also avoids anything that might potentially be a food allergy: grain and soy. We like this dog food from AvoDerm mostly because it’s a high-quality food that also has a relatively low fat content, and reducing the fat in your dog’s food can help her digestion pretty significantly. The limited ingredients here should help eliminated (or at least narrow down and isolate food sensitivities). Plus, there are plenty of good sources of antioxidants and fiber with help keep your dog regular and give a small boost to her immune system. Natural Choice’s limited ingredient formula has a few things going for it that make it a safe bet for dogs showing symptoms of a sensitive stomach.
Generally, dogs have good digestive health if they are getting the proper nutrients and have no underlying conditions.

Dogs that eat certain foods and have these issues are actually causing their digestive systems to work harder than they should.
When you buy dog food, make sure to look for high-quality ingredients like protein and carbohydrates. Once you’ve found out that your dog has a sensitive stomach, the only food, you will be giving is the dog food. Apart from having high-quality ingredients, Wellness simple natural ingredient dry food comes in so many flavors. If you’ve found out that your dog has a sensitive stomach, then you can start with Wellness simple and see how things work out. Canidae Life Stages for dogs has around 950 reviews on Amazon and an excellent 4.5-star rating out of 5 which talk a lot about this product. This dry food comes with everything you would expect in a dog food; High-quality protein, Omega 6 fatty acids, DHA and also antioxidants. NUTRO MAX dry dog food has 440 reviews as of now and maintains a 4.5-star rating which is brilliant. Of course, every dog is different, but you should know by now how much gas is normal for your dog. So make sure you can recognize (or at least pronounce) the first dozen ingredients in your dog’s food. All dogs need good sources of fat, but it’s still more difficult to digest than, say, protein. That can sometimes be hard to find, especially in commercial dog foods, so we just want to make sure it’s reasonable and not a full-blown novel of a nutrition label. With that in mind, here are just a few recommendations (just keep in mind there are plenty of good foods out there, and you can always make your own). It also leaves other stuff that could cause stomach problems, like corn, dairy, preservatives and artificial colors. Foods that are made up of a lot of various ingredients may be harder for your dog to digest.
In this guide, you’ll see how to find out if your dog has a sensitive stomach, what you can do in your capacity as your dog’s human to help him out and some best dog food for sensitive stomachs. Though the amount of vomit is not that much, it still is a vital sign to diagnose a sensitive stomach. If your dog also shows other symptoms discussed above, then this gassy situation just confirms the sensitive stomach in your dog.
This will most likely reduce the problem or at least tell us if the food is the real issue.
Next, look for both soluble and insoluble fiber (beet pulp, fibrous fruits, etc.) as they can help with your dog’s digestion. Avoid stuff like corn, soy, and other low-quality ingredients as some dogs could be allergic to grains.

He or she may be able to analyze the situation better and provide you with something that doesn’t damage your dog’s tummy. These foods have high-quality ingredients and come with no or negligible fluff, and that is great for a dog with a sensitive stomach. But if you want to play absolutely safe with your dog’s sensitive stomach, this is the food you should go with. The most important thing here is that the food has probiotic cultures that help your dog’s digestion.
But the fat content is very less, and we can tell that it won’t mess with your dog’s digestion. Dogs get diarrhea sometimes, and your first strategy should be “wait and see.” Just keep an eye on it for 24-48 hours and see if it improves. As long as she’s getting some kind of food when she’s a good dog, she’ll like it just fine. For dogs, good sources of fiber include stuff like leafy greens, fibrous fruits and root vegetables. If there is nothing wrong physically or emotionally with your pup, then it could be type of food that they are eating. You not only have to clean up the mess that’s lying around but also have to see your dog in real discomfort. Be a good master and note down the normal gas levels in your dog so that you can figure out when things get out of hand. Mix the new food with the old one and slowly increase the quantity of the new food in a week’s time.
You can even make your own food for your dog’s sensitive stomach with the right ingredients. They are only recommendations and be sure to consult your vet before changing the diet of your dog. It is important to choose the best dog food for sensitive stomach, to ensure that your pet gets optimal nutrition, without the ingredients that cause them to have stomach upset.
It is much the same for dogs, but it isn’t always dairy that causes them to have their sensitivities. First, you need to learn a bit more about sensitive stomach in dogs, then we will take a look at some of the top name brands of food on the market that are designed for dogs that have food allergies or stomach sensitivities. Often, it is grains, dairy, soy, corn, too much fat, or something else that results in stomach upset. One of the best things that you can do is cut out any extras in your dog’s diet so that you can determine what the issue is.

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