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In terms of their character, Collies are the perfect fit for a family looking for a family dog.  They are friendly with strangers and tend to be loving and sensitive dogs.  Collies enjoy being around people so be prepared to be loved every second of every day by them! Although the go-to dogs for children are usually Labrador or Golden retrievers, a Bulldog is just as good of a pet for a child.  Smart, protective, and loyal, parents can feel secure knowing their Bulldog is protecting their children when they are not watching.
The best part about having a Labrador Retriever and children is the fact that these dogs are very low aggression dogs.  They have motherly instincts that kick in when children are crying or hurt in some way. Golden retrievers are often thought of as one of the best dogs for kids because of their sweet personalities and pleasant mannerisms.
While golden retrievers are probably the best dog for kids, there are some negatives which must be explored.
Energy Level – The energy level of a breed should also be paid attention to when selecting which make the best dogs for kids.  French Bulldogs are particularly good in this regard as they have enough energy to play with and roll around with your children, and yet are perfectly content to be adorable little couch potatoes when the time calls for snuggling as well. Older miniature schnauzers or dogs who have not been socialized well might not be the best choice. Just as Rottweilers are generally used as guard dogs, and Golden Retrievers are largely used as hunters and gundogs, there are certain breeds that are best suited for kids.
They are known for their “springy gait” and their inquisitive and spirited nature making them just like children themselves, which is the main reason why they can be considered as one of the best dogs for kids, if not the best. Although Cockers are very gentle dogs, they can also be quite sensitive and shy away from harsh treatment or handling.

Unfortunately, these poor misunderstood animals are no longer viewed as good family dogs and often end up in Cocker Spaniel rescue centers because their owners can no longer handle them.
I firmly believe you can help your puppy grow into the best family dog ever, but you have to decide to do this even before you buy your puppy. To get the best from your Cocker Spaniel, I strongly recommend that your puppy's training, wherever possible, is based on positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is where your dog is rewarded with a treat, praise, or both, for getting it right.
They also take pleasure in being outside, as long as there are playmates with them, and tend to be active dogs. With kids, they are able to get the exercise they need when running around – this is also a plus for mommy and daddy because it ultimately wears the little ones out too! When properly trained they are obedient to command, which makes them one of the best dogs for kids. With the variety of different dog breeds, and their hybrids, there are about thousands to choose from, and one of the more appropriate breed of dogs for kids is the Bichon Havanese. Their wonderful temperament makes the Cocker Spaniel one of the best family dogs you could hope to live with!So, yes, Cocker Spaniels do make good family dogs, but this statement comes with a very strong piece of advice, which is explained below. If your puppy get's it wrong, be patient and loving - he'll get there when he's ready.Learn more about how to train a puppy.

While these are one of the best dogs for kids, care should be taken around other animals in the house. The Bichon Havanese dogs have been known to adapt easily to their surroundings and because of their fervent desire for social interaction they are easily lovable and are loving. This (or any breed) should not be left alone with younger children, but the miniature schnauzer is the best dog for kids of ages 10 and up as they will enjoy running and outdoor activities.
Miniature schnauzers who have been raised around cats will not likely chase them around aggressively, but the hunting ancestry is in all dogs, so some chasing is to be expected. These dogs were bred to react to quick actions and high pitched noises (they are a rat dog after all), so there may be some questionable movements around younger children.
If the child is able to teach the dog tricks when it is young then the habits will resonate and they will grow smarter and the relationship with its owner will get stronger as both the children and the dog age. This willingness to learn is what makes them excellent service dogs.  A golden retriever is not typically a dog that thrives when locked in a cage or left alone in an empty yard.

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