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We consulted with some dog experts and golden retriever enthusiasts to figure out exactly what a golden needs out of her diet. The optimal caloric intake of your golden retriever will depend on several different factors: her age, weight, activity level, metabolism and whether or not she’s spayed (or neutered if you’ve got a dude dog). On the other hand, if you’ve got a highly active dog, or if your golden is a working dog, she’ll need significantly more calories—up to 2,300 calories per day.
Most of the time, you want your dog’s diet to get at least a quarter of its total calories from protein. Carbs don’t matter quite as much as long as you’re staying away from the gross stuff, like corn, soy and sugar (believe it or not, some dog food companies still include that stuff in their dog foods). No one knows the exact cause, but it happens most frequently when (1) dogs eat one large meal each day and (2) when dogs exercise shortly after meals.
This is the first opportunity we’ve had to really review (and to have our dog sample) anything from Hi-Tek.

What we really like about this dog food, though, is that the first two ingredients are good, simple, wholesome ingredients: chicken and sweet potatoes. So if you’re worried about that stuff, you may want to opt for another food from this list. The protein content for this dog food is 31%, which consists mostly of duck, turkey meal, and salmon meal.
We’ve put together a nutrition guide, a list of potential health problems, and several reviews of dog foods we think are excellent choices for this breed. That’ll be listed on the back of nearly every dog food label, so you can just check when you by some. Luckily, you can considerably cut down on the risk of some of these with a few relatively simple changes to your dog’s diet.
It’s also called “bloat,” and it happens when a dog’s stomach twists and folds over on itself.

Make sure you’re splitting your dog’s daily food into at least two meals (even more if you want to be on the safe side) and not letting her play for about an hour after she eats. As it stands, it contains a very small amount of flax, and we usually like to see more omega-rich fats in our dog foods.
It’s what our dog eats when she’s not busy sampling other tasty foods for this blog (don’t worry; her sample sizes are very small and not very frequent). So if your pup’s itching all over, she may be allergic to something—and it’s probably one of the low-quality ingredients found in many commercial dog foods: corn, soy or wheat. They’re also prone to a slew of health problems, which makes finding the best dog food for golden retrievers a pretty tall order.

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