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It can be difficult to choose a product that will work to stop pulling on a leash while not causing the dog discomfort or long-term damage. When you are walking a dog that loves to pull, this is probably one of the worst collars you can use.
Other than being harmful by literally choking the animal, choke collars teach the dog how to act properly on a leash through fear, not through positive training methods. As great as head collars are, they often require a little training for the dog to get used to. The front clip harnesses can be used on any age dog and are more easily accepted by the dog than head collars. It not only allows the dog to drag you all over, but constant pressure caused either from the dog or the person jerking at the leash can lead to a collapsed trachea.

I do not recommend these collars for the general dog owner because they can cause serious harm to dogs without an experienced trainer guiding them. When you connect your leash to the strap around the muzzle, it allows you to lead the dog in the direction you want rather than yanking on the neck. When the dog tugs, the strap around the muzzle applies pressure to a point that triggers the dog to relax. The best way to train your dog to get used to the sensation of a head collar is to allow him to wear it without the leash connected to it every day for about two weeks. Once he has relaxed a bit and has gotten used to the head collar, attach the leash and practice walking slowly.
But when a dog pulls on a front clip harness, two straps apply pressure to front of the dog encouraging him not to pull.

This instantaneous pressure occurs only when the dog is pulling and thus he learns that he controls the pressure. The dog will learn quickly that he is completely in control of how tight the nose strap gets. A head collars is not a muzzle; the dog can pant, eat, drink and bark just as he would normally when it is on.

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