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These loyal and intelligent pups are one of the most popular pet breeds, and a favorite among first-time dog owners. If you are an active person looking for an exercise companion, think about getting a Vizsla. Keep in mind that breed requires regular exercise and grooming, but Australian Cattle Dogs are a wonderful first dog since they are so easy to train and get along well with kids.
Spinone Italianos are fairly active, but their sweet and gentle disposition makes them the perfect breed for families.
If you are someone who wants a dog, but does not want to deal with shedding, consider the Xoloitzcuintli.
Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds and make wonderful pets for both new pet owners and seasoned dog lovers alike. These beautiful dogs are shy around strangers, but they are very intelligent and easy to train.
Finally, if you do not need a purebred dog, consider adopting a mutt that displays positive attributes from various breeds.
We went to the veterinary community to get their take on which dogs, both breeds and designer mixes, are the best choices for first-time dog owners. At less than 7 pounds, the Maltese is a tiny toy dog, but his bold personality means he's no shrinking violet.
This sweetheart of a dog lives to love and be loved, and he is happiest when snuggling in your lap.
The Bichon Frise was bred specifically to be a companion, so it's little surprise veterinarians deem him such a great choice for new dog owners.
This popular toy breed loves people, whether that involves sitting on laps or going for long walks. Smart, energetic, sensible and entertaining, the Poodle is another breed that's great for the beginner dog owner. Brittanys are intelligent and easy-going, and they get along well with both children and other dogs. While they may take longer to train, their loyal and cheerful demeanor will make a first-time dog owner an eternal dog lover.

They may be a bit unusual looking, but their easy-going temperament and low-maintenance requirements make it a great choice for a new dog owner. They may shed more than other breeds, but their high intelligence and affectionate personality make this pooch a great choice for anyone.
Rhodesian Ridgebacks are athletic dogs with a mild temperament, perfect for a first-time owner with the time to go for walks every day. The following constitutes answers from 218 veterinary professionals who were given a list of the most popular dog breeds and mixes. The Shetland Sheepdog is his own breed and has long been a family favorite for his happy face and loyal, smart and quirky personality. He's intelligent and playful with a big enough attitude to handle cats and larger family dogs. But just because he has his own ideas, don't think for a moment he'll be content entertaining himself.
Spunky and puppy-like even into his golden years, this smart little lap dog was specifically bred to love and be loved, which explains why vets agree he's a great pick for first-time dog owners. His wrinkly face and fun-loving personality make him a hit with dogs, cats, adults and children. Beagles are great family dogs who can hang with the most active of companions, yet they are also ruled by their nose and can be hard to lure back if someone accidentally leaves a door open. The Shih Tzu, originally bred for royalty in China, is compact, playful and mischievous enough to steal your shoes.
Wonderfully affectionate and endlessly entertaining, he has long been a popular circus performer, but he'll be perfectly happy performing his tricks for his family at home. 5 and 6 dogs, the Labradoodle is a popular crossbreed, this time mixing the exuberant, hardy Labrador with the stable, even-tempered Poodle.
Ideally, this dog will combine the best traits of the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, creating a jovial and affectionate, low- to no-shed pup who requires professional grooming.
If you plan on eventually owning more than one pet, the Weimaraner may not be the best choice. Although his size is suitable for a purse, he doesn't seem to know it; his personality is all big dog, all the time.

He learns tricks with ease and loves to show off, which, paired with his speed, makes him a great agility dog.
His high-maintenance coat may be a challenge for some, but his alert, curious personality more than makes up for it as far as Yorkie lovers are concerned. He's no athlete, and he's happiest when he's included as part of the family, which makes sense since the breed was bred as a companion dog for ancient Chinese nobility. He's clever and active enough to hang with the big dogs in organized sports and at the dog park but small enough to be content in an apartment setting. And depending on that family's activity level, he can be a competitive canine athlete or a cuddly couch potato, making him another great choice for those new to dog ownership. At his best, this is a smart, affable and moderately active dog who can excel in obedience, agility and being your best buddy.
This friendly breed is a popular choice for service and therapy dogs, and his athleticism makes him an excellent hunting dog and canine athlete.
It would appear that, along with the rise of takeout food, lawn care and cleaning services, our society is leaning toward more compact dogs with lower exercise and daily grooming needs.
The Puggle can be a robust little dog with the adventurous yet quieter spirit of a Beagle and the clever antics of a Pug. Because traits of crossbreeds are not fixed, there's no guarantee that your Goldendoodle will be hypoallergenic or even a particular size, but he's likely to be a loving family dog.
Labs can be challenging and rambunctious as puppies and young dogs, and they have the reputation of eating just about anything. The best Puggles love to please and have a sense of humor, but, as with all designer mixes, his traits are not fixed, so he has been known to be a bit stubborn, distractible and not overtly affectionate.
These beauties are best suited to active families who enjoy taking the dog along on their adventures.

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