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The first step in correcting your dogs behavior problems is picking up the phone and calling Dog Pro to schedule a FREE, no obligation evaluation.
Identifying why a dog does what it does is a vital part of stopping or controlling a behavior problem. It can be difficult to identify the cause of all behavior problems, however, because not all are associated with normal canine behaviors.
A loss of vision (especially a sudden loss) can cause either fearful or aggressive behavior.
When behavioral changes occur, especially when they happen without any obvious cause, dog owners should consult with their veterinarian first, before talking to their dog trainer or behaviorist. Once the health problem is identified, the veterinarian can provide guidance as to what happens next. Master trainer & behaviorist Michael Chapman has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, over 15 years’ experience applying behavioral psychological methods with both Humans and Canines, and has been trained in the SIT MEANS SIT system of dog training, the most effective training system that will help you train your dog FASTER, SMARTER, and BETTER than any other method.
The Science of behavior is not based on fads but on researched facts that have been established since B.F Skinner established the field of behavioral psychology.

For example, most canine behavior experts understand that dogs jump up on people to greet them face-to-face.
Many behavioral experts feel that about 20 percent of problem behaviors may be caused by a physical problem. Depending upon the problem, your vet may recommend medical treatment only; or may recommend medical treatment first, followed by assistance from your trainer or behaviorist.
Whatever behavior problem you are facing with your dog we can help you to solve it so that you can enjoy your dog and build a solid relationship.
More dogs go back to animal shelters because of behavior problems, problems that can be easily solved. If you’re interested in training your dog the odds are that it’s because of a problem behavior that you can’t seem to fix. The majority of problem behaviors can be solved very quickly with a little effort and expertise. Tim will then advise on what the best course of action is and give you options for getting your dog’s behavior on the right track.

But some behavior problems can be more than dog owners are willing to live with, and in these instances, stopping the behavior could mean the difference between keeping the dog as a member of the family, or not. You may want to put your veterinarian and trainer or behaviorist in touch with one another to discuss the dog, so that they can both agree on what should be done. In fact, the vast majority of people who begin a dog training program do so because of the need to correct problem behaviors. When dogs are taught to sit and hold that position before they are petted, they can no longer jump up.
When they learn they get petted while sitting, they no longer have the need to jump up and that behavior problem is eliminated.

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