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During the Skype calls your trainer will discuss and demonstrate training techniques with you. Susan Raymond, Owner and Head Trainer, established Calm K9 Dog Training and Behavior Solutions in 2009 in order to focus on enriching the lives of dogs - and their owners! In addition to having received extensive mentoring and formal training from several nationally acclaimed trainers, Susan draws on her own remarkable capacity to empathetically connect with dogs at first meeting, to the amazement of her clients.
Susan’s desire for on-going education is a high priority, and she attends several national events, seminars and workshops every year, always returning home with a refreshed, informed outlook and new tools to incorporate into her training practices. Susan’s experience, expertise, intuition, open-mindedness, dependability and clarity of communication embody the necessary components and traits of an effective dog trainer. Then it is your turn to practice with your dog while your trainer gives you live feedback on proper handling.

This session is where you get to share with your trainer what is going on with your dog, what you would like help with, and choose what training package you want.
Well, the majority of what dog training is, is the passing of information from your trainer to you. If you are in an area with a lot of noise or animals running around, it may make it hard for your trainer to hear you, or for you and your dog to get the most out of your lesson.
Your certified personal dog trainer will be able to answer any questions you have about the training process. So, by learning from your trainer via Skype, you will have the knowledge to train your dog yourself!
Depending on your camera quality, a dimly lit room can make it difficult for your trainer to see you and your dog, and therefore would have a hard time giving you proper feedback.

While I’m sure some helpful information could be shared via Skype, We are not willing to risk putting anyone or any animals in danger with this form of training. You may also be required to take video footage of your dog and send it to your trainer to show progress, update your trainer on behaviors, and to ask for help with new situations that may arise. You will get live feedback form your trainer as you start to implement this new knowledge, so you can be confident that you are handling your dog properly. If you live in an area that we do not cover, we are happy to help you find a trainer that can help you in your area.

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