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There are many reasons why your dog is barking and each one has a slightly different solution. Before you can stop dog barking, it is important to understand that dogs use sounds as well as body language to communicate with other dogs and with you!
That means a reasonable amount of it should be tolerated.The first type of communication dogs use (specially on a face-to-face type interaction) is body language. Following you will find information on how to figure out why puppy barking is excessive and also tools to train a quiet dog.

The following are highly recommended treats made with good ingredients.Your dog will love them, so use them wisely to stop dog barking!
Additionally, to stop dog barking, you should learn to give your hound regular amounts of attention when he is not being loud.
Find a solution following this link.Lively and Excited Barking: This is a very joyful and enthusiastic dog and he barks to show the world! Examples of this kind of barking include: - Barking and Jumping when the leash is being attached, - Being very excited in the car, - Barking at other dogs, - Barking at the doorbell.

Click on each link to learn more about each one and find solutions to each specific barking problem.

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