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If you're baffled on how to deal with a persistently barking dog, here's information on how cities in San Diego County deal with complaints.
San Diego Municipal Code states long continued noise (including from animals) causing annoyance is unlawful.
The City of Carlsbad contracts for animal control services through the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services.
The City of San Marcos contracts animal control services with the Escondido Humane Society. Barking dog complaints are handled by Animal Control Officers with the San Diego Humane Society within the city limits of Vista. If talking with your neighbor does not solve the problem, the City of La Mesa suggests you turn in a Barking Dog Questionnaire. National City’s Field Services investigates complaints of animal neglect or nuisance. On average, the San Diego Department of Animal Services receives more than 1,000 service calls per year. For those that do nothing about the issue when notified about their dog barking, they can be faced with a San Diego Municipal Code offense for neighborhood disturbance.
According to Manuel Villanueva, a San Diego dog trainer for more than 33 years and owner of Fon-Jon Pet Care Center, there are various ways to deter barking. Villanueva said that barking is an alert system when a dog hears an unusual noise or smells something out of order.

If people are not home and their dog is barking, Villanueva added, pet owners are now beginning to rely on technology to help with the corrections. Although boredom can be a factor with barking, majority of the time it stems from stimulation, a territorial reaction, or a combination of both. While exercise can calm down a dog, Villanueva also likes to introduce interactive toys, as well.
Rather than feeding a dog their bowl of kibble in the morning, think about pouring the food into an interactive ball or cube where the dog needs to figure out how to get the food out.
Other options are pet walkers, but with some dogs, they may bark with excitement when the professional enters and then leaves.
Every dog is different, so it’s the job of the pet owner to find out what kind of method will work best for their pet to curb their barking and help keep the neighborhood a quieter place. David GreeneSan Diego Dogs ExaminerDavid Greene, founder of Performance K9 Training in San Diego County, is recognized nationally and internationally for his talent with dogs.
Pit bulls are often associated with violence, but dog activists maintain they make good pets. In Oceanside, city officials will assign resources and spend money on what many consider a nerve-wracking problem – barking dogs.
Too many people were leaving their dogs home alone, they would bark and neighbors would get angry. Bring your dog to Lunch and Learn in Del Mar with Linda Michaels, MA, Dog Psychologist at the beautiful Hotel Indigo.

For a dog that is barking because it is suffering or is in distress, call the Department of Animal Services North County emergency number at 760-438-1460.
Many times after an Animal Control Officer has contacted the dog owner the problem is solved.
You can report barking dog complaints by submitting a service request to the Humane Society or by calling (760) 888-2236 to leave a message. Dogs bark to repel intruders, for attention, during play, as an outlet for energy, or in separation distress. Complaints about noise associated with barking dogs can be reported to the non-emergency number at 760-438-2312. The City of Chula Vista must receive complaint forms from two or more separate households within 100 feet of the property boundary line where the barking dog is located. In San Marcos, noise at any time of the day is illegal if it is considered a nuisance by your neighbors and could result in fines.
The dog stays outside in a specially built wooden compartment named, for very good reason, the DogHouse.

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