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We got our first XL Pitbull which is a grandson of THE UNSTOPABLE JUGGERNAUT ( juggs blood ).
We are dedicated to producing show quality, family oriented, muscled up, thick, healthy, and functional blue pitbull and bully puppies with the most desired XL and Standard bloodlines. He was exactly what we had been looking for when we brought him to our kennel breeding program. We are producing clean, thick, stocky, & wide, show quality Pitbulls and Bullies with nice head size and great temperament to match. He has produced some of the best pitbulls in Florida and all around the United States, he has offspring everywhere.

We breed for correct and clean american bullies not the kind that you see in almost every other kennel with flaws and defects. Our pitbull kennel is one of the best in Florida and the world for healthy and functional pit bulls. We plan to keep adding more to our kennels as time goes on, keep checking back for updates. We specialize in blue pitbull puppies but we also breed tri and red nose from time to time as well.
We can ship almost anywhere in the United States (for air travel buyer is responsible for cost of shipping crate, cost of travel heath certificate, and all shipping costs – Coyote Pitbulls will make the shipping arrangements).

We produce the perfect bully pit bull with form, function, health, positive energy, intelligence, loyalty, outstanding temperament, and looks to complete the total package.

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