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We live on a large 60 acer ranch that allows all of our dogs plenty of running room even when they are in there kennel they still have plenty of room to run with each kennel being a little more than 1300 square feet thats the size of an average size house. 1 CommentAnonymousThe American Eskimo and the Schipperke are two completely different breeds of dogs.
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All of our dogs have a 1 year genetic health guaranty and a general health guaranty for the first vet visit within the first 2 weeks of purchase. While the Schipperke is a feisty little dog that is known for its protective nature to its owners, very intelligent and hard working, the little Schipperke never backs down and is always on alert.
Anonymous asked:I had an Eskimo that I had bought from a pet store as a purebred puppy, however, he was black with a few white markings.

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