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My dog is deaf, and has many black spots on her skin not fur and some are in her ears, she has brown eyes and I haven't heard the eye thing before, but I was told white animals in general have 10% more of a chance to be deaf, I have never met another white pitbull that is deafbut I would think people think it is very common for white pitbulls to be deaf, when in actuality maybe some of those a Dogo's which when one breed is predomenently white I would think many of them would be deaf just because of the odds. I've researched and worked with Dogos in Oklahoma, comparing hog dogs and bulldogs in function, they have a very low rate of deafness.. Panda is all white minus the spots on his nose, and i think he has black spots on the roof of his mouth, and his eyes are pure blue. Forum to discuss pit bull dogs and topics about health, training, events, rescue, breed specific legislation and history.

Our boy was cool on walks with Ryan But If I walked he he was like in super guard mode, he wouldn't let any one close to me at all.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I always tell people the only reason my dog is deaf is because nothing is allowed to be that perfect, sometimes I think it makes it easier at least she has an excuse to not listen it's worse when you call your dog that can hear and she doesn't come lol!
At about 2 months old she started getting a few spots on her ears & on her body under her white coat.

I ignored them and listen to people who think they know more than men who created these dogs, once..

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