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Situated on a nature preserve, Last Post is home now to over 200 cats – plus a goat, a pair of pigs and few dogs. More than 900 cats and dogs came through her doors last year, which means each dog kennel and cat compartment was a temporary home to about 10 animals in 2013.
While helping find new homes for abandoned cats and dogs, the shelter also rescues wild animals – including most recently a Muscovy duckling, a blind baby skunk and a young fox who had been hit by a car.

Pet MealsIn case your dogs fall sick after eating its foods, the foods might need been recalled from the market. It has posted a lengthy “wish list” of things needed by the cats, dogs and those who take care of them for those who while unable to adopt a pet, would still like to provide some care and comfort for these adorable pets-in-waiting.

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