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First, this Instructable is not about how to train a dog, nor is it about what type of collar to use on a dog to prevent bad behavior. The 'ible is also assuming you are in a situation where you cannot get or do not have a two handle leash where one of the handles is down by the dog's neck.
I don't know how many of you may experience this, but I have been involved in dog rescue for nearly ten years. Besides that, this is just good knowledge to have if you are walking, your otherwise well behaved dog, and come across something they are overly interested in, such as a food court with lots of people eating.

By using this leash holding method, you will be able to hold the dog close to you and gain the leverage of you entire body weight to keep control. This is aptly demonstrated by the Lishinu (leash-in-you), a retractable dog leash that fastens to your wrist. This wrist fastening attribute is not just for the gimmicky ambit; it serves a rather convenient function of keeping your fingers completely free for other stuff. We are talking about those dastardly instances when you have to tie your shoelace or carry a shopping bag, while walking your dog.

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