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Whether you're looking for your next companion or a furry family member, these small dog breeds are sure to tickle your fancy. Lovingly referred to as the "Yorkie," the Yorkshire terrier is the ultimate cutie in small breeds.
Another breed that makes an excellent companion, the papillon is a loyal and loving friend. Some may think that the Brussels griffon isn't the most attractive dog on the planet, but it sure is cute.
Just like the natives of the city it was named after, the Boston terrier is one loyal breed. Here are some of the small dog breeds that you will love to see and get one for your family and kids. Even small dog breeds can run rings around the big ones with regard to temperament, ability to learn and guard dog capabilities. We love dogs and we have our own choice or preference to keep the type of dog like we want a small dog for home for kids or a medium size dog as security or a large dog breed which can scare others.

The experts at Maxi Zoo know that how far off the ground the dog is says nothing about his character and abilities. Yorkshire Terrier Dogs are smart dogs that have a lot of energy and have a cute curious nature.
The West Highland Terrier comes from Scotland and originally was intended for hunting small animals. Adorable for dress-up or play, the Yorkshire terrier is a small breed with a big personality and perfect as a companion on the go. These dogs are considered to be very elegant, possibly the reason Charlotte York from Sex and the City had one. One of the most popular small breeds, the Boston terrier is one tiny pup that dog lovers like to have around. Mostly people prefer small dog breeds and medium dog breeds because they are cute, friendly.
Future owners should be aware that small dogs are real dogs that have their own individual needs.

The dachshund was originally bred as a hunting dog as he is brave, self-confident and also quite stubborn. This slightly slow but funny dog is very good with children and likes to take his time while out for a walk. We have posted some of the small dog breeds images that you can view and have one of the small dog breeds for your home. Because of their small size, they can be troubled by a number of health problems including hip and due to their small stature, Yorkies are prone to joint issues, poor digestion, tooth decay and bone fractures. Whatever your reason, think well in advance about what sort of characteristics your new family member should have.
Just because they are small dogs doesn’t automatically mean that they need less space or care.

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