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We, as breeders, often get questions from first time Toy or Mini Aussie owners about the look or quality of the puppy they have purchased. Physical & emotional changes are just two of the three types of changes which all puppies experience as they mature.The third one is growth, especially weight gain. During this first stage of development, puppies are born with their eyes and ears firmly closed and without any teeth. And to finish off, at this stage of puppy development they should also get their first set of puppy shots and be treated for puppy worms by a veterinarian before the end of this period of puppy development.

This developmental stage is kind of like the 'tween' or 'pre-teen' stage that our human kids go through.Your pup isn't a baby any longer, but he's not really an adolescent either, he's in that no-man's land and you're not the only one who's confused about what he can, or should, be doing!His confidence is growing by leaps and bounds, but he can unexpectedly slip back into that 'anxious little puppy' mode at any time.
As I mentioned above, there won't be much change in terms of physical growth or development for small and tiny breeds after one year of age. My Caring For New Born Puppies page has all the tips, advice and information you need to do this properly. For small breed puppies that super-growth spurt he's been experiencing will start to slow down, and his appetite will slow down right along with it.

If he's a bit of a challenge rest assured this is normal, and he will grow out of it (but he's got a fair way to go yet!)Your Puppy's Needs:Puppies need firm guidelines and lots of love during this stage of development (and the ones to come), he'll be starting to venture further afield and his growing confidence will sometimes push him out of his comfort zone (now and then WAY out of it) and he's likely to be a bit confused by his feelings and reactions.
He needs you to be calm and patient so that he doesn't get over-anxious or into trouble.Socialization is a very important part of this stage, and now that he's fully vaccinated your pup can be going out and about with you as much as possible.

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