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You or someone authorized by you, must be present to sign for a shipment if you choose to have it delivered to your home or office. Deter Coprophagia Treatment 60 pieces by Royal PetStops dogs and puppies from consuming their own feces. Deter Coprophagia Treatment 60tab8in1 offers a wide variety of pet remedy products, antiseptics to tear stain removers, each formula was developed by pet-care experts to ensure pets receive the fastest and most effective solutions for their health needs.

Top Quality Deter Coprophagia Treatment 60tab by TDPSTop Quality Deter Coprophagia Treatment 60tab. Enter your country and zip code in the Calculate Shipping form which is below the contents of the shopping cart and click Calculate. Some dogs may need to continue taking DETER in order to see it’s effect, but some can be taken off after 2 weeks and will not go back to eating their stools.

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