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Gynecologist Evelyn Minaya, MD, explains why you may want to think twice before trying this yeast infection treatment.
A yeast infection is an annoying problem that will affect lots of women (and some men) in their lifetime. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacterium that is also found in healthy vaginas.
Yoghurt contains good bacteria that interacts with sugar found in your diet and actually attacks yeast. Yogurt helps to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria and reduces the irritation. Put sicles on the yeast infected area or simply use the frozen tampon to give a soothing sensation.
The wetness of yogurt can lead to irritation on the vulva so make sure to clean the area after treatment. If you know more home remedies using yogurt for yeast infection then please feel free to share them with us here.

Although a yeast infection is not an STD, you can pass it back and forth with your sexual partner in about twenty percent of cases. It is a type of infection caused by the group of microscopic fungi called Candida albicans, when something disrupts the immune balance in the vaginal area, a yeast infection is caused. When applying externally, a thick layer over the affected area is enough to kill the yeast and to soothe the affected area. You take an antibiotic and, even if you gobble down cartons of yogurt, you know the itching’s coming. A recent recommendation has been to put yogurt in the vagina to ward off or treat the infection.
Some yogurts also contain a lot of sugar and other ingredients that might make the infection worse. Commercially flavoured yogurt can make the condition worse as yeast thrives on sugar, an commercially flavoured yoghurt are full of sugar. This is a very common sexually transmitted parasitic infection that can stay unnoticed for years and then show up as extreme itching and a bad-smelling discharge.

We have seen a resurgence of different species of yeast including tropicalis and galbrata, which normal over-the-counter medications often do not cover.
Those that have active cultures of lactobacillus work best, it will let you know on the label. Many doctors recommend this for infections that don’t respond well to the usual medications. Try to use plain, unsweetened, unflavoured yogurt without any sugar, salt, peaches, strawberry, blueberries or other fruits for both the internal and external application.

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