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You also have the option of freezing yogurt in disposable gloves, thereby creating yogurt fingers or frozen yogurt tampons. It must be borne in mind that the steroids, antibiotics as well as birth control pills will cause the unbalance of the bacteria, and therefore lead to the yeast infection. You can always just do away with it and have your yogurt in tablet form, of course if these messy methods of yogurt yeast infections remedies do not appeal to you. This entry was posted in Yeast Infection and tagged yeast infections remedies on March 21, 2014 by Susan Taylor. A yeast infection is an annoying problem that will affect lots of women (and some men) in their lifetime. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacterium that is also found in healthy vaginas. Yoghurt contains good bacteria that interacts with sugar found in your diet and actually attacks yeast.
Yogurt helps to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria and reduces the irritation. Put sicles on the yeast infected area or simply use the frozen tampon to give a soothing sensation.

These supplements can also be used by cutting open and extracting the powder and applying externally. The wetness of yogurt can lead to irritation on the vulva so make sure to clean the area after treatment.
If you know more home remedies using yogurt for yeast infection then please feel free to share them with us here. All you got to do is to coat a tampon in the unsweetened yogurt and insert into the vagina. The first time that you insert one of these frozen yogurt yeast infections remedies into your vagina, it is admittedly a little bit of a shock, but on the whole it is most soothing.
As well, wearing jeans will as well help to cause yeast infection, because of jeans not giving area to breathe. These come in the pretense of lactobacillus acidophilus tablets as this is the most important ingredient in the yogurt yeast infections cure which helps to fight against yeast producing bacteria. It is a type of infection caused by the group of microscopic fungi called Candida albicans, when something disrupts the immune balance in the vaginal area, a yeast infection is caused.
When applying externally, a thick layer over the affected area is enough to kill the yeast and to soothe the affected area.

In this regard, there are many home remedies for yeast infections in women available that women can use to overcome these problem.
Not only for women, there are also home remedies for yeast infections in men available that can offer great relief to the men regarding such problem. Commercially flavoured yogurt can make the condition worse as yeast thrives on sugar, an commercially flavoured yoghurt are full of sugar. Whereas there are a great deal of drugs on market to cure or prevent yeast infections, the natural home remedies are more efficient to treat the yeast infections. Women must take some caution to apply the home remedies that are found on net, and must consult the doctor prior to making some action. Try to use plain, unsweetened, unflavoured yogurt without any sugar, salt, peaches, strawberry, blueberries or other fruits for both the internal and external application.

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