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The cause of yeast infection is Candida, which are present in the air, on the surface of any objects, including food, and, therefore, can be transmitted through the air, through food contact.
When the defects of care the agent can get to the baby from the hands of the hospital staff or an infected mother. To prevent the growth of fungi of the genus Candida have a newborn baby, it is useful to include in the diet of nursing mothers yogurt containing live lactic culture.
For both breast feeding and bottle fed babies, thrush can be present as visible white patches in the mouth on gums, lips, inside cheeks or as a thick coating on the tongue (if it is a thin layer it may just be milk residue). Oral thrush is an infection of the oral mucosa caused by yeast-like fungi, mainly Candida albicans. The characteristic signs of the disease are white patches and friable deposits on the lining of the cheek and tongue.

The disease is more common in newborns and children in the first year of life, but may occur in older age.
At Rylie's appt yesterday i asked about thrush because the white on her tongue had gotten worse lately. The mother should carefully examine the breast before feeding and detection of the symptoms of a yeast infection to go to the doctor. Being extremely careful, you can try to take a soft moist cloth and gently wipe it across your baby’s tongue and if it remains the same it is likely thrush. Yeast can take some time to deal with as it is persistent and can stick around for weeks if not treated properly. In addition it is vital to treat both mom and baby simultaneously as thrush can easily be passed back and forth and may be present even without visible symptoms.

Don’t give up, keep nursing and work with your doctor to find the best treatment option for you and your baby.
Another important rule of prevention is thorough sterilization of items used when feeding, and personal hygiene of the mother, if the baby is breastfed. For this you need to wipe your mouth first in those places where the visible white spots on lips, gums, cheeks, tongue.

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