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Some of the more common causes of candida overgrowth include experiencing a high stress life, oral contraceptives, consuming too much alcohol, and eating an imbalanced diet with lots of refined carbohydrates.  There is a quick way through a simple "Candida Test" to discover if you may have Candida Overgrowth! How do you test for Candida at home - The Candida TestThere are several ways to test for candida overgrowth. Some of the best to consume for yeast overgrowth include black walnut hulls, black cumin, pumpkin seeds, and pomegranate rind.

These include:Stool TestingDoctors can test your stool for yeast, pathogenic bacteria and friendly bacteria. It’s important that you test your stool over a few days, as candida rarely shows up in just one test.Blood TestObviously, this cannot be done at home, but doctors can take your blood sample and test for anti-candida antibodies, or Candida Immune Complexes. To combat this issue, some manufacturers have created a candida test that can be taken at home.

Before you can get rid of candida you first have to know you have it, and an at home yeast infection test is the best way to know.

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