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Granted, it may still take a week for the yeast infection to completely clear up, but you only have to do it one time.
Also, it feels better to have the tiny ovule inserted as apposed to a couple of inches worth of cream.I very much wanted to like Monistat 1 Day Ovule.
I’ve read several reviews online from people who experienced the exact same reaction to Monistat 1 Day Ovule as I did. I’m OK using the 7 day Monistat treatment and even the 3 day Monistat treatment with no signs of irritation.
I just took the monistat 1 ovule yesterday morning and had a similar experience: the itching and burning while urination cleared up, but still am swollen down there and still a discharge and a light but constant itch.

I’m only on my second day of using the anti fungal cream monistat supplied but am thinking that it is actually keeping it raw and swollen and maybe just soap and water will kill the swelling. I don’t think monistat 1 is the worst choice for me personally, but I don’t want it to be a waste of money and certainly not a waste of time ! Once I figured out what it was, went to a drug store, picked up Monistat 1 Day Ovule because 1. I had the infection after taking antibiotics and by yesterday at around 3 I felt it clearing up. So i decided to go and purchase monistant 1 today i just insert it the little egg around 30 minutes ago, so far i can only feel the medecine working well i hope it does work.

She got me Monistat 1, and i read some reviews after i had already taken the ovule and applied cream… it scared because i thought i was going to get nothing but bad results. I dont know if i was swollen down there before i used it or not, but i was swollen but no other symptoms occured.

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