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If the portion of thighs has been exposed to something irritating and allergic, the rash may happen as response. The rash on inner thighs may also happen due to contact with poisonous component found in herbs like poison oak or ivy, or present in the insect’s sting or animal’s bite. Other than allergic substances and chemicals, there are some health ailments known to cause rashes on the body and so on the inner thighs.
Apart from above mentioned health ailments, some autoimmune diseases are also known to cause rashes all across the body including inner thighs.
Candida and other fungal infection: The area of inner thighs and groin are moist and thus more likely to accumulate the colonies of microorganisms especially fungus. Drugs such as cyclosporine can help lessen the severity of psoriasis and thus fade the rashes and make them milder in color. Washing inner thighs with chamomile tea helps in reducing irritation and thus helps in treating rashes. Oatmeal bath can help curing inner thigh rashes. A cup of oatmeal (preferably uncooked) is put in hot bathwater and used. Apple cider vinegar is one of the trusted homemade remedies to treat allergic conditions such as inner thigh rashes. One of the most effective home remedies for inner thigh rashes is applying a mixture of vitamin E (as cream) and cod liver on the affected site. Fungal rash on the skin occurs when there is overgrowth of abundant bacteria causing fungal infections resulting in fungal skin rashes. Many people cringe at the very thought of having a fungal infection or rash when in reality, we all have many types of fungi which live on our skin all the time. The symptoms of rashes caused by fungus depend on the area of the body which is infected as well as the types.
Smaller lesions which are more defined can be present on the outside perimeters of the area of the rash.
Although most fungal rashes are very common and individuals get them constantly, they are still tough to identify.
The second kind of fungal rash is “tinea versicolor” which is a fungal skin rash which distresses the oily parts of the upper body, the back and chest areas.

It has been noticed that skin which is moist tends to cause more fungal rashes than dried skin.
Fungus in addition to yeast infections have zilch or little to do with cleanliness – people who are spotless get them. Fatty thighs, activities like regular and prolonged cycling or jogging can lead to formation of moisture and friction in between the thighs. The ugly rash on your face could be for many reasons, and here are some reasons and treatments for you from an expert outlook. Dengue fever rashes are contracted by the bites of Aedes mosquito and are of three different kinds which appear at some stage of the infection. Restless Legs Syndrome is a lifelong condition and one can only control the symptoms with lifestyle changes and self-care measures.
Restless Legs Syndrome Prevention - Know about the measures that you can take to prevent Restless Legs Syndrome or reduce the severity of symptoms.
Restless Legs Syndrome Treatment - There is no permanent cure for Restless Legs Syndrome but the symptoms can be treated with medications, supplements and lifestyle changes. Restless Legs Syndrome Diagnosis and Prognosis - To diagnose Restless Legs Syndrome, doctors need to verify the symptoms with the four criteria specified by the International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group. Restless Legs Syndrome Signs and Symptoms - Many people find the symptoms of Restless Legs syndrome inexplicable. For instance, tick’s bite can cause Lyme disease that first forms a round shaped wound and then turns into rashes. While it is difficult to know which food can create allergic response, some common foods include avocado, peanut, shellfish, strawberry that are known to cause rashes on the body including inner thighs. Psoriasis, impetigo and eczema are few of the diseases that are known to produce rashes or skin eruption. Some special types of yeast or fungus grow on the human skin and give rise to rashes and many other skin lesions. Some healthcare providers prefer prescribing moisturizing creams to treat inner thigh rashes. This component is used as an active ingredient in skin creams and gels to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and thus help treat the inner thigh rashes.

Patients with these conditions can have rashes on inner side of thigh, and between legs also. The rashes can happen at any site of the body but here we shall talk about rashes in inner thighs that carry its own significance. Disease like Rocky Mountain spotted fever can also cause rashes on arms and inner thighs (legs).
If this stage is ignored, the second phase comes wherein the rash becomes intense and turns into a condition called folliculitis. But at times; itching associated with a rash in this area can make you really uncomfortable. The symptom can either occur exclusively to the thigh region or as a part of general body rash. Nevertheless, most of the rashes are treated in the same way – depending upon the cause.
Ringworm, candida, acne vulgaris are few conditions that could be associated with inner thigh rashes. If the sufferer keeps on riding and ignores it, the rash enters into the final stage of large bump that is hot, swollen and highly tender. Fungal infection, allergy to cosmetics, allergy to clothes, allergy to nappy and poor hygiene are the common causes of a rash occurring between the legs.
Generally patients attribute this rash to poor hygiene and they are shy to consult doctors. Some babies get a skin rash due to allergy or hypersensitivity to the material used to make nappies.

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