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Red patches and pimples may be signs that you may have a yeast infection occuring on your face.
As an introductory note, let’s review some of the reasons that have often been forgotten to explaining why fungal infections on face appear. Yeast Infections on face may occur due to a very special fungus named Dermatophytes also known as ringworm and tinea faciel (facial ringworm). You know you have a fungal infection on face when pink to red circular patches start to erupt on your face. Even though Fungal Face Infection can be treated by changing eating habits, it is time and energy consuming, having said that as fungal infection on face is one of the most visible health conditions, patients can also suffer from social and professional alienation and rejection. A faster treatment may consist in using Ketoconazole Cream (read more), a topical antifungal solution created to disrupt the fungal development and eradicate living yeasts.
Although "baby powder" seems like an important item to have for an infant, it is generally not needed. Most skin-care products should not be used on very young infants because of the risk of exposure to active chemicals, which may be absorbed at higher rates in the thinner, less developed skin of infants. Bathing an infant can be a gratifying and enjoyable experience for both the parent and child. A number of recent studies suggest that gentle massage can improve an infant's sleep and decrease stress. In some cases, fungal infections may be due to a low immune system, as the body may not be strong enough to deal with internal aggressions.

And nothing like a cranky infant irritated by diaper rash, cradle cap, or another skin condition. Sometimes it can be caused by yeast infections, bacterial infections, or even due to an allergy to diaper material.
It is generally seen in children over 3 months of age and appears most commonly on the scalp, face, trunk, extremities (elbows and knees), and even in the diaper area. This is due to the fact that the infant has existed in a fluid environment for several months, and after birth, the skin cells start to regenerate, which results in the peeling of the old skin cells. An infant's and child's skin is very sensitive and can easily burn from sun exposure, causing real and even permanent damage. Generally, the rash appears on the face or extremities and initially as a red raised eruption. As a result, the body is producing a reaction as a signal, which may create a yeast infection on face. Sunscreen is not recommended for infants under 6 months of age, so use a hat, umbrella, or other protection whenever possible.
Keep the infant cool (in the summer and winter) and it's likely the baby will avoid this reaction. Excess Oil Causes Cradle CapCradle cap can show up during baby's first or second month, and usually clears up within the first year. Infant Skin Doesn't Need PowderingBabies can inhale the very fine grains of talcum powder or the larger particles of cornstarch, which could cause lung problems.

Baby Yeast InfectionsYeast infections often appear after your baby has had a round of antibiotics, and show up differently depending on where they are on your baby's skin. Thrush appears on the tongue and mouth, and looks like dried milk, while a yeast diaper rash is bright red, often with small red pimples at the rash edges. Talk to your pediatrician: Thrush is treated with an anti-yeast liquid medicine, while an anti-fungal cream is used for a yeast diaper rash. Laundry Tips for Baby Skin CareAvoiding skin rashes will keep your baby smiling and happy: Use a gentle detergent to wash everything that touches your infant's skin, from bedding and blankets, to towels and even your own clothes. Infant SunburnThe sun may feel great, but it could be exposing your baby's skin to the risk of damaging sunburn. But for the best protection from sunburn, keep your infant out of direct sunlight during the first six months of life. For mild infant sunburn apply a cool cloth to baby's skin for 10-15 minutes a few times daily.
When to Call the PediatricianMost baby skin rashes and problems aren't serious, but a few may be signs of infection -- and need close attention.

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