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Differential diagnosis: top left - Canker sore (aphthous ulcer) inside the mouth, top right - Herpes labialis (Herpes 1, fever blister, cold sore), bottom left - Angular Cheilitis and bottom right - Chapped Lips.
Epulis Fissuratum around 20 year old dental implants in a patient who had not gone to the dentist for over six years. Benign epithelial cells with fungal organisms consistent with Candida (an oral yeast infection) diagnosed in the palate of a middle-aged black female. Oral Surgeon examination for a new patient whose symptoms included a complaint of dry lips for several months. An atypical bone pattern was noted on a 46 year old female without symptoms during a routine set of dental x-rays.

50 year-old female presented with itching symptoms on the buccal gingiva - cheek gums - on the upper left and right. Patient states that "it appears to come and go." No signs of candida, Yeast, or other fungal infections. 1) The radiograph shows severe periapical pathology - tooth infection - around both the mesial and distal roots. Candidiasis is an infectious condition caused by the opportunistic fungus of the genus Candida, which includes eight species of fungi. Angular Cheilitis is an inflammation that occurs at the corners where the upper and lower lips join; it is frequently infected by fungus like Candida (yeast, thrush) that can also infect other parts of the body.

Chapped Lips may be caused by the environment, diet, habits, an allergic reaction, or mouth-dryness associated with other medical conditions or medication.

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