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Lamisil Cream is used to treat fungal infections of the skin caused by fungus (dermatophytes or tinea), commonly known as “ringworm”.
Toenail fungal infections are very difficult to cure, and the process is usually long and pain staking. The most popular prescription medication for fungal infections is without a doubt Lamisil (terbinafine).
Because Lamisil is processed by the liver there are several rare hepatic side effects such as hepatitis, blood dyscrasias, as well as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. I have been using lamisil cream for a year and a half .I have a fungus in both my big toes ,just at the lateral side .
Years ago I was prescribed a course of Lamisil which took six months and did not work very well.

This particular medicine is used only if the fungal infection is a dermatophytic infection. Years later My doctor prescribed a course of tablets which were taken daily for a week thenevery third week. While the majority of prescribed anti-fungal agents are oral medication, there are also a few topical fungicides that doctors use to treat an infection in the early stages. Lamisil is usually prescribed at 250 mg per day for 6-12 weeks, before you can start this drug therapy you must have blood levels draw and then monitored through out your course of treatment.
When your gut fora are messed about with antibiotics you will get total yeast overgrowth as all the good flora are knocked out with antibiotics.
These blood tests, and frequent doctors’ visits, along with the added cost of the drug are what make treating toenail fungal infections so very expensive.

Diflucan is also a well known drug although it is used to treat fungal infections due to yeast. I am hoping my doctor will again prescribe Lamisil if not another fungus treatment medication. Lamisil Cream is also useful in treating Pityriasis versicolor, a superficial fungus infection of the skin. Each gram of Lamisil Cream contains 10mg of the active ingredient terbinafine hydrochloride.

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