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Belly button is moist and warm part of the body and is ideal for growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. A rash of skin around the umbilicus or an infection within the belly button may cause itchiness.
Infections in navel may be treated with use of hydrogen peroxide and removing dirt or foreign objects in the tract. Other conditions that affect adolescents and children such as athlete’s foot and thrust could also spread to the skin around the belly button thus causing itching. Itchy bellow button may present symptoms ranging from redness, soreness, itching, and pain.
Moreover, belly button piercing that has gone awry and infected may cause bleeding to occur in addition to discharge of green, yellow, or gray pus-like fluid from the navel. Scratching of the itching belly should be refrained from because it can worsen an infection or result to secondary infection.

Antibiotics and antifungal medicines may be used to treat bacteria, fungal and yeast infections. When there is an infection of navel due to microbial action, it results in an itchy umbilicus. Rashes around belly button may form due to many things and the common one is contact dermatitis.
Excess abdominal fat and diabetes can increase the risk of yeast infection of the belly button among adults. The area around the belly button may develop pain, inflammation, and irrigation due to an infection. An infection may also occur, and it is mainly accompanied by foul odor, itching, and fluid coming out of that umbilicus canal. Always seek the help of a doctor if you notice that that the itchiness does not go away and is causing other symptoms like pain or signs of an infection such as swelling.

There are many things that could cause the belly button to itch including yeast infection, eczema, hives, contact dermatitis from piercing, lotions and soaps, or the stretching of skin in pregnancy. Even newborns can develop yeast infection due to exposure to the virginal yeast of the mother at time of birth. An individual should refrain from scratching the itching belly button because it could open it for bacterial infection.

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