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You probably got a yeastie doing something fun, like rough sex or sitting around in a wet bathing suit. Aloe Vera also has antifungal properties like other remedies above which works wonders on yeast infection. Homeopathic remedy Candida Albicans is specifically created to treat Yeast Infections and it can clear up even chronic yeast infections in just a few days.
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You left out plain sugar free Greek yogurt ,after fighting yeast infections for 45 years I was told about this by my best friend. Yeast infection is quite common in pregnancy too and these remedies are safe for pregnancy(except for aloe vera). Haven’t had a problem in the past year no more infections and that was only after 6 months of using it.
Just like bee stings, bug bites, and sleeping with cater waiters, yeast infections are a common summer bummer.
If you think about it, that yeastie is a little bit like a vampire: it’s feeding on your life force, making you walk around in confused circles in your nightgown.

Increase vaginal discharge, consumption of sugar, too much yeast containing foods and ever stress can cause yeast infection. Take that $7.49 package of pain home, don’t read the directions at all, glop it all over the floor, the bed, your jeans, realize you are in your roommate’s room wearing your roommate’s jeans, make a mental note to buy her some “I’m Sorry” wine, then repeat the process in your own room.

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