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Yeast infection may not cause you any permanent damage, nonetheless, it may lead you to feel uncomfortable due to the itching and burning sensation you might feel on your down under.  Because we know how irritable and uneasy this feeling might be, we would like you to know how hard it is to treat yeast infection, so that you’ll do your part and prevent it from picking you as it’s next host. There are two types of patients with yeast infection, and you can never be too sure if what you have is the one which typically responds well to topical therapy, or the other one which is recurrent. There are other types of yeast that can cause the infection which may be resistant to standard anti-fungal treatment. If you are sexually active, you might need to consult your doctor as you might have more than the normal amount of fungi and a different treatment may be recommended.

May 20, 2011 – It is fabulous to see the response to the previous post about holistic options for yeast infections.
Yes, there are cases where patients suffer from this infection for a long time and most health care providers call it Recurrent Yeast Vaginitis.
Different infections may react differently to different medication and seeing a specialist is strongly recommended.
Using naFlora products suitable for your age and taking care of your vagina the right way might help abate the discomfort brought about by vaginal yeast infection.

There are special Vagnosis Clinics that you can go to for any of the symptoms of the infection.

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