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Boric acid for yeast infections might prove successful, especially if used at the first sign of symptoms.
This treatment can be concocted at home by filling gelatin capsules with boric acid, an antiviral and antifungal chemical. Boric acid usually eases the intense itching that describes the most pronounced and troublesome symptom. Yeast infections are common among pregnant women and women using estrogen as hormone replacement therapy. Doctors commonly recommend boric acid for treating yeast infections that fail to respond to other medications and for infections that reoccur.

An infection crops up when too much yeast begins growing and disrupts the normal balance of yeast and bacteria. Wet swimsuits or exercise clothing provide a warm, moist environment that encourages yeast to flourish.
Boric acid treats Candida albicans, the yeast that causes vaginal infection, and other fungi that might show resistance to prescription and non-prescription medication.
Boric acid for yeast infections that keep coming back can be used twice a week as a preventative measure. The Lactobacillus acidophilus bacterium controls the precise amount of healthy yeast, but this bacterium is sometimes killed when a woman takes antibiotics for an unrelated health problem.

Boric acid for yeast infections in pregnant women presents a safe alternative to prescribed oral medication and vaginal creams.
Some research shows boric acid for yeast infections cured the condition in 98 percent of women tested.
I bought prophresh, which helps balance the yeast in females and actually does this, but right now I'm still suffering from this infection.

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