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White discharge yeast infection is of the consistency of cottage cheese with no particularly unpleasant odor to it.
Moreover, a thin and frothy vaginal discharge of watery consistency along with a tinge of yellow or even green often proves to be a sign of trichomonal vaginal infection or trichomoniasis.  Apart from that, other extremely common sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia manifests themselves with the help of symptoms consisting of vaginal discharge yellowing in color along with persistent itchy sensation in and around the genital area. Brownish color of the vaginal discharge usually occurs because of the presence of the pigment called hemoglobin, which is a constituent of the red blood cells.
Brown vaginal discharge can also be because of a possible case of spontaneous abortion or missed abortion with the dead fetus remaining within the uterus, and even in certain cases of induced abortion. Green vaginal discharge is not at all normal, and occurs mainly in the presence of an underlining chronic infection. Apart from the trichomonal infection, the green vaginal discharge can also occur because of a number of other sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia, accompanies by other usual symptoms such as itching and irritation in the vulva area. Bloody vaginal discharge can also turn out to be a symptom of chronic infection of the reproductive organs such as uterus and vagina. However, yeast infection watery discharge can be a potent symptom for a possible case of vaginal yeast infection caused by the Candida fungus. A vaginal yeast infection can develop when new yeast is introduced into the vaginal area, or when the bacteria already present increases. Candida yeast is the most common causative agent of Candidiasis, which can affect people of practically any age group.
Yeast infection affecting the vaginal canal is among the most common of all infections to affect women on a global basis. Common causes are Infections, Hormonal Imbalance, Vaginal Environments Changes and maybe it’s just Normal Discharge! Besides having bright red blood discharge during menses, you can also have dark brown discharge which usually occurs towards the end of your menstruation or 1-2 days after menstruation.  This is the leftover menstrual blood in the vagina which was not completely cleared. Bacterial vaginosis (vaginal infection caused by bacteria) is one of the most common causes of gray, foul fishy-smelling vaginal discharge.

Gonorrheal infections are manifested by cloudy yellow discharge often accompanied by pelvic pain and frequent urination.
White, cottage-cheese-like discharge often accompanied by itching is due to yeast infection known as candidiasis. Other type of infections that you could get which could cause abnormal vaginal discharge includes chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma. This could be a sign of infection, although changing birth control pills can sometimes cause temporary abnormal discharge. My cycle is due to come on in two days an now I’m having a clear mucus discharge with one day brown discharge in it and the next it was a very light pink then the day after there was nothing what could this be.
Im so confused i been having s problem with yeast infection well at least i think it’s a yeast infection i got it twice and a third time this year. However, abnormal changes may occur in the color, consistency, and frequency of discharge, which often point towards an underlining health condition or infection. However, it can also turn yellow due to the presence of an abnormally high number of neutrophils, which the body sends to fight an impending infection.
The red color of this pigment turns brownish as the blood degrades, and this ultimately results in the brown vaginal bleeding that can be a symptom of a number of infections and health conditions.
Moreover, certain sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea, as well as, other infectious conditions including genital warts and pelvic inflammatory diseases can also cause brown vaginal diseases. Even though, vaginal discharge in case of yeast infection tends to possess a curd-like consistency, but it can be a case of watery discharge yeast infection as well. Decreased bacterial count and an increased vaginal pH more than 4.5 are the main culprits causing infection. I just stopped ovulating and it’s usually clear with light brown streaks in it that almost resemble blood clots that I see during my period.
Spotting and cramps are common before and after period, but we need to make sure there is no other sinister causes.

It is quite normal to have such brown or ruddy discharge in the midst of the menstrual period, while experiencing small amounts of such discharge between two periods can point towards possible pregnancy.
Neutrophils form part of the body’s natural defensive forces to fight pathogens causing infections, and their presence in large numbers indicated towards possible infections. However, any change in its color or odor can be a cause of concern, particularly if it happens to accompany other usual symptoms of infections such as itchiness or pain and irritation while passing urine. Its role is to protect the vagina from infection by releasing certain proteins and maintaining a vaginal pH of 4.5.
Sometimes, this dark brown discharge can also be seen during your mid cycle when ovulation occurs and is normal. Changing your panty liners frequently, keeping your feminine area cool and dry by avoiding tight clothing and linen panties may help prevent from such infections. However, any change in its consistency or unpleasant odor accompanying persistent itching or discomfort indicates possible infection. The most common cause behind the presence of a greenish vaginal discharge is the presence of the trichomonal vaginal infection.
Once the bacterial count decreases, vaginal pH changes and various infections of the vagina can occur.
For those who are sexually active, sticking to one partner is the best prevention, as STDs are often associated with such infections.
Green, yellow, gray and white, thick, cottage-cheese like discharge, usually with odor, itching and pain are signs of infection.

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