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However, baby rashes on neck due to irritation are not solely caused by chubby skin folds on the neck. The rash on baby neck as mentioned before may resolve on its own within few weeks or until baby can hold up the neck on its own.
Yeast rash on baby is usually found on baby’s diaper area or it is usually called genital area thrush.
Once you are sure your baby has a yeast rash, you need to call pediatrician to find how to cure yeast rash on baby. For the time being of treating yeast rash on baby, you may perform the usual treatment for treating diaper rash. However, when you have performed any treatment to keep the neck of the baby dry but there is no improvement or the rash get worse, you should call doctor immediately. Yeast infection is often associated with genital thrush, but actually the fungus caused the yeast infection can live in any part of body which is moist and warm such as the folds of the neck skin. The yeast infection is usually treated with diaper barrier creams or ointment to prevent the rash going bad.

Before baby can hold the head up on her own, baby is susceptible to develop skin rashes on neck. The warm, wet place on baby’s skin folds of the neck makes it a perfect place for fungus called candida or commonly known as yeast to form and live in the skin folds. The skin on the neck will constantly rub against itself and cause the skin irritation that leads to skin rash.
Although yeast infection is highly related with diaper rash but when there is a good environment for the fungus live such as in skin folds, yeast infection may occur. You can keep your baby stay dry and free of sweat and help to heal the neck skin rash on baby by bathing with cool water. Another clue of the rash caused by yeast infection, the skin usually scaly and rash stays around for more than two days. The rash may not need any treatment because when baby learns how to hold up the neck the rash is decreasing.
You may help your baby to expose the neck area to air frequently to limit the chance of the skin to rub against each other.

Excess Oil Causes Cradle CapCradle cap can show up during baby's first or second month, and usually clears up within the first year. Prickly Heat Causes Irritated SkinShowing up as small pinkish-red bumps, prickly heat usually appears on the parts of your baby's body that are prone to sweating, like the neck, diaper area, armpits, and skin folds. Baby Yeast InfectionsYeast infections often appear after your baby has had a round of antibiotics, and show up differently depending on where they are on your baby's skin. Thrush appears on the tongue and mouth, and looks like dried milk, while a yeast diaper rash is bright red, often with small red pimples at the rash edges. Talk to your pediatrician: Thrush is treated with an anti-yeast liquid medicine, while an anti-fungal cream is used for a yeast diaper rash. When to Call the PediatricianMost baby skin rashes and problems aren't serious, but a few may be signs of infection -- and need close attention.

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