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Baking soda and baking powder are both leavening agents that produce CO2, but they have different effects on the flavor of baked goods. To produce bakers’ yeast the first requirement is to make a medium in which the yeast can grow. It is available in the granular form, and available packed.It is called as fresh yeast, or wet yeast.
Salt controls the activity of yeast during fermentation and it has tightening action on flour protein.
In this method 1 % of yeast is used and all the ingredients are incorporated in one long process of mixing and kneading.
If dough requires long fermentation period to develop flavor in bread then one should reduce the yeast content.
If dough requires fast fermentation the quantity of yeast should be increased to make the dough light and spongy.

Fresh and quality yeast when mixed with water it should disperse quickly and easily therefore one should use fresh yeast.
Leavening is the increase in surface area of a dough or batter by the aerating agents such as air, carbon dioxide and water vapour.
Adding right amount of yeast and appropriate way of proving will give the bread good color, texture and taste. Storage and application of yeast should be done at correct temperature ranges to get desired quality products. As the yeast begins to grow the mixture will get foamy and begin to produce bubbles of CO2. Leavening agents are those materials which give products like cakes, breads, cookies, a rise and increase them in volume, gives shape and adds texture to the product. It should be dissolved completely before use as powdered salt or too much salt inhibits yeast activity, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide gas produced and decreasing volume of the dough.

Water used in the process of bread making should be lukewarm as it provides favourable temperature for activity of yeast.
Active dry yeast, when added to water, activates the cells metabolically and they begin to grow and divide.
The advantage to these breads is that they cook very fast (no time for yeast to leaven the bread) and they do not go moldy. The bread may have a strong yeast flavor due to more quantity of yeast present in the dough. When this liquid is poured into a large filler tank and wort or pure yeast culture is added.

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