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Here is what can make a yeast infection harmful if left untreated: The infection could promote damage to the reproductive organs because the yeast will continue to grow, but there could be other harmful bacteria growing inside the vagina as well. If left untreated for too long, the yeast have more of a chance to reproduce at an alarming rate, not to mention you will have to endure the endless itching sensation. Vaginal yeast infection in its initial stages is not very troublesome and women usually ignore it. In a nut shell, yeast infection shouldn’t be ignored, should be recognized early, diagnosed properly and proper medications should be taken for appropriate time.
Yeast Infections are considered an overgrowth of yeast in the body, also known as Candida species. Any inflammation and irritation of the skin due to prolonged un-ventilated coverage may also be a sign of yeast infection, and not all symptoms need to be present for an infection to occur.
But in some women who have a vaginal environment favorable for yeast growth, infection persists and converts into a more severe form.

Hence, skin areas that are not well-ventilated may be at risk for yeast infections, including but not limited to the skin in orthopedic casts used to set broken bones, genital areas, and even diaper rashes on babies.Women are also more prone to yeast infections than men due to naturally occurring vaginal flora. Candida glabrata, a rare strain of yeast which may infect a woman but is less susceptible to commonly used vaginal yeast infection creams or pills.
Bacterial vaginosis have similar symptoms as those of yeast infection but treatment is absolutely different. Eric Bakker ND, an expert of vaginal infections says that many doctors don’t perform simple tests to differentiate between bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infection. Yeast is naturally found in the body and is usually regulated by the immune system and other essential bacteria in the body.The more common types of yeast infections include oral thrush and genital candidiasis, which can happen to both men and women.
Unnecessary use of excessive antibiotic therapy can also increase risks due to decreased naturally-occurring essential bacteria that monitor the growth of yeast. Bacterial vaginosis is treated with antibiotics and improper use of antibiotics aggravates the yeast growth by killing the good vaginal bacteria and providing more space its growth.

Patients who have had yeast infections before are also at a higher risk of recurring infections. Therefore, those women who take wrong treatment are actually making their yeast infection worse. Remember, in bacterial vaginosis there is a foul smelling discharge but in initial stages yeast infection discharge don’t smell bad but in severe infection character of smell may change. Biro, another expert says that some doctors prescribe medicine just after looking at the infection site and without performing any test. Genital candidiasis can also be passed back and forth between sexual partners if left untreated.

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