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Several years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our son, I contracted a human parvovirus.
Having assisted on a few cases involving gestational infections, I was quite concerned and sought treatment immediately.
Most of the ailments are due to your changing body requirements and the ravaging hormones to cater to your growing baby.One of the common complaints among pregnant women is yeast infection. Thankfully, our doctors took this situation seriously and followed us closely to be sure that there was no risk to the pregnancy. Therefore it is an important responsibility of the obstetrician to avoid and treat infections in a timely manner.I have participated in a variety of medical malpractice cases involving maternal infections that were not adequately treated and therefore allowed to infect the child, either in the womb or during delivery. Estrogen also propels the speed of the growth, enabling the yeast to stick to the vaginal walls.Antibiotic medications are another cause for yeast infection. 1) Congenital infections are infections that pass from the mother to the child across the placenta while the baby is womb.
2) Perinatal infections are infections of the birth canal that spread to the child during labor or delivery.

These infections may cross the fetal membranes or invade after the membranes are broken to infect the baby in the womb, or infect the baby as it passes through an infected vaginal canal during delivery. Most creams and suppositories contain clotrimazole which is effective in getting rid of the infection faster.Do not use any over the counter drugs or creams while pregnant.
This condition is treatable and is not harmful for your baby.Yeast infections do not cause miscarriage or preterm labor.
Making sure of hygiene practices and following safe measures can help you prevent the possibility of a yeast infection.
It is important that the mother be monitored for infections throughout the pregnancy and that any infection be treated promptly.Perinatal infections are caused by bacteria such as strep or viruses such as herpes or the human papilloma virus that may be present in the vagina during labor or delivery. These infections include many sexually transmitted diseases that can infect the baby during delivery.
As mentioned above, some of these infections may cross the fetal membranes and infect the fetus in utero. These things elevate the possibility of yeast infections.Wipe front to back when it comes to the genital area.

The possibility of an infection build up goes down.Healthy diet, fitness and good habits have to be followed while battling with the infection. Certainly the fetus is exposed to any infections within the vagina during the process of delivery as the baby passes through the birth canal.
Make sure you eat fiber rich food sources rather than unhealthy options during the recovery period and throughout pregnancy.Yeast infections may stay for a longer time or go away soon on its own.
Once again, it is the responsibility of the obstetrician to recognize and treat any vaginal infections prior to delivery to avoid this contamination.Postnatal infections involve many of the same bacteria or viruses mentioned above and can pass from the mother to the child through the breast milk. If, in future cases, you encounter issues of fetal deformity or fetal demise, it would benefit you to do a thorough examination of the medical records to see if there is any evidence of infections that existed in the mother that may have contributed to the outcome of the pregnancy. This goes a long way in combating any kind of infections.Do not touch your genitals with bare hands while dealing with yeast infection.

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