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Nappy RashThe most common cause of nappy rash also known as diaper dermatitis in babies is irritation. Recent research has identified seven key trigger times when a baby may be more likely to develop nappy rash.
The best way to deal with nappy rash is to try to prevent your baby getting it in the first place.
In mild cases of simple nappy rash, follow the skincare routine above and ask your pharmacist for advice about the most appropriate nappy rash ointment for your baby.
The rash is getting worse rather than better after using an ointment and the skincare routine outlined above. Diaper rashes are stubborn bacterial and fungal infections that have been tested to respond to colloidal silver. Severe inflamed nappy rash is far less common than milder soreness caused by dampness (or thrush). When your baby actually does have a rash it’s good to try to nip any outbreak in the bud. If the rash appears as spots that start around the back (anus) and sometimes spread to buttocks and thighs, it might be thrush, for which you may have to get a treatment from your doctor (see also Canesten below). Nappy rash itself tends to first appear with redness around the front (around the genitals) rather than the back, but in severe cases it can spread to the back (around the anus) and the legs.

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream: with botanical extracts of red clover combined with zinc oxide, this light cream has a naturally soothing effect on mild nappy rash and other skin irritations. Canesten cream: candidal nappy rash is a fungal infection and therefore requires an anti-fungal treatment. Babies may become irritable and unsettled, especially if the rash is 'red raw'.Prevention is most important. Lie your baby on a towel without a nappy for as long and as often as you can to let fresh air get to the skin. Nappy rash whether light or more severe is caused when skin is irritated by the ammonia that arises from bacteria in faeces coming into contact with urine.
If the nappy rash hasn’t cleared up after a few days with regular nappy creams consult your doctor or health visitor as it might be possible to clear the problem up with Canesten.
This is further irritated by bacteria, yeasts (eg candida or thrush), detergents, urine (wee) and faeces (poo). While cloth nappies are good for the environment, they do not take up moisture as well as disposable nappies. Keeping the skin clean and dry by changing nappies frequently and preventing urine and faeces from contacting the skin by using a barrier cream is crucially important.A good quality disposable nappy is best.
When nappy rash has cleared a barrier cream or ointment like Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment can be used at each nappy change to help protect the skin.

However, if you have a couple of reliable creams or ointments in your changing bag these can usually ward off most uncomfortable skin outbreaks when you also observe good changing habits (see Avoiding nappy rash for tips). Cheap quality balms or those containing irritants such as certain types of irritants are also known to cause nappy rash in babies.
The red area often extends beyond the nappy to the top of the legs, genitals and between the buttocks. There is no need to use it as an everyday cream, but keeping a tube handy for the first signs of a rash is a good idea.
This is due to certain chemicals in the product.A barrier cream should be thickly applied at each nappy change. All excellent products of the highest degree.Try to let your child have as much time without the nappy on as possible.
Some conditions (such as eczema or a skin infection) which can be found on any area of the body do not necessarily respond to the treatment for nappy rash.

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