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Oral thrush is an infection of the oral mucosa caused by yeast-like fungi, mainly Candida albicans. In babies, oral thrush is particularly common for mucosal colonization by benign germs is not yet optimal. It is easy to distinguish between oral thrush and milk residues: the deposit is easily removed and there areas of skin inflamed and sometimes bleeding underneath.
In case of suspicion of oral thrush, you should consult your pediatrician so that he quickly establishes a targeted therapy against infection. Baby tend to have rash on the face, baby rash around mouth is part of the rash on the face that normally found on the first year of baby’s life. Baby rash around mouth may cause by several things, the first one is caused by drool or called drool rash. When the defects of care the agent can get to the baby from the hands of the hospital staff or an infected mother.
Also thrush in children may develop if disturbed microflora of an organism or reduced immunity for violations of the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal changes or when taking antibiotics.

To prevent the growth of fungi of the genus Candida have a newborn baby, it is useful to include in the diet of nursing mothers yogurt containing live lactic culture. When this rash is striking, you may see redness and irritated skin around the mouth, chin, and cheek and sometimes around the neck.
Oral thrush is although mostly found on older baby, but it may occurs on baby under six months too. Thrush, as well as other infectious diseases can be spread on the skin and mucous membranes to other organs. As baby start to teeth, the production of drool will increase and cause friction and irritation to the delicate and sensitive baby’s skin if it is rubbed. In children, this fungus usually infects the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals, less internal organs. However, if your baby has rash accompanied by vomiting, difficulties in breathing, fever, behavioral changes or any health issues you may need to visit baby pediatrician. Baby is susceptible to get this rash since baby has not yet develop the immune system fully.

The disease is manifested by the appearance on the mucous membrane, most often in the mouth, white patches, like milk curds, which can be red inflammation or bleeding erosion.
Another important rule of prevention is thorough sterilization of items used when feeding, and personal hygiene of the mother, if the baby is breastfed. For this you need to wipe your mouth first in those places where the visible white spots on lips, gums, cheeks, tongue. But, it will more risky for a baby to get oral thrush after baby take antibiotics or has asthma. Therefore, if the thrush is desirable to reduce the consumption of sweets, flour, fat, increasing in diet proportion of vegetables, fruit, wholegrain bread.

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