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Oxygen colon cleansers are superior to fiber, herbal or laxatives based colon cleansers in terms of efficiency and safety, including the added benefits of the released oxygen in your colon.
Oxy-Powder® is our favorite and recommended choice with its effectiveness and safety shown in clinical studies and backed up by research. Oxy-Powder works by using time released oxygen in the entire digestive tract.
The second most important step when treating candida overgrowth (after the colon cleanse) is to optimize your digestion. Digestion issues typically lead to fermented and undigested food particles that feed the yeast and weaken the immune system.
Systemic enzymes are required for maintaining good overall health, supporting the immune system, tissue repair, organs regeneration, reducing inflammation, breaking down toxins such as excess yeast, candida, mucus, allergens and more.
Having candida and yeast issues indicate that your gut is out of balance between the yeast to the friendly organisms that control the yeast from over growing and spreading. Antifungals are recommended in cases where candida and yeast issues are still not fully resolved despite following a clean candida diet, oxygen colon cleansing, and consistent use of systemic & digestive enzymes with probiotics for at least 4 weeks. One of the biggest issues with candida overgrowth, is its negative impact on nutrients absorption and uptake which may lead to nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins and minerals supplements can be very helpful especially since many people struggle with getting enough nutrients from their diet or due to low absorption in the gut as a result of various issues such as candida.

For candida and yeast issues, the AFA algae provides a very unique benefit besides its superior nutritional profile. The most important thing to do before starting any detox, cleansing or candida cleanse is to optimize your body’s natural toxins elimination function.
The released oxygen turns the solid hard toxic fecal matter and waste into liquid or gas so they can be easily flushed out naturally by the body.
This is also a critical step that is very often overlooked and one of the main reasons why many candida programs fail.
This makes it impossible for the body to balance the excess yeast, and in many cases cause the candida overgrowth to become worse. Probiotics supplements populate the intestines with beneficial organisms that help to restore this balance and support the immune system. Add to that the modern diet that is typically low in high quality nutrients, and it should be no surprise why many people with candida and yeast issues also suffer from nutritional deficiencies.
This is a very important step that goes above and beyond candida overgrowth – there are many serious health conditions that are very common that can be easily avoided by making sure you do not have deficiencies. This makes the candida diet much more reasonable and easier to follow, and for many people it also means that they can stay on the plan until they are completely healed.

Probiotics are very popular for the treatment of candida issues, although most products on the market are not designed specifically to control the excess yeast. Synthetic substances that aggressively attack candida may create additional imbalances that can damage other parts of your body. In addition to its many health promoting benefits, Chlorophyll is very effective in controlling candida overgrowth and neutralizing the toxins released by the excess yeast. This is due to the delayed time it takes your body to eliminate the toxins released by the dying candida, parasites or other pathogens. If you suffer from candida or yeast issues, cleansing your colon also means that there will be less stored waste that can feed candida. These products are very good for overall health, but may not be as effective for candida and yeast issues.

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